Where will Daryl Dixon live during season 9 of The Walking Dead?

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead - AMC /

 Daryl Dixon has many options as to where he will make his home during season 9 of The Walking Dead, but there are some places where he won’t be staying.

Fans of The Walking Dead love Daryl Dixon. There is something about a badass motorcycle-riding, crossbow-toting redneck that appeals to a huge number of viewers of the popular AMC zombie survival drama series.

Now, heading into his ninth season on the show, Daryl is put in a position where he has allies and friends in nearly every community. While many assume he will return to Alexandria and fight along with his friends there, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In a recent edition of The Walking Dead mailbag from Skybound, Twitter user @DixonVixen217 posted a tweet asking where Daryl will call home in season 9.

The answer given was an interesting one. Johnny O’Dell offered only a few words about the situation but shot down both of those options that DixonVixen217 asked about in the tweet to Skybound’s The Walking Dead.

"“Neither, and that’s all we’ll say about that.”"

So, if Daryl isn’t staying at the Alexandria Safe-Zone or The Hilltop, where will Merle’s little brother call his home during season 9 of the show?

There are some options. He does have a great connection with Carol, who resides at The Kingdom with Ezekiel and many fans would love to see many more scenes involving the two of these characters.

He could also become the next leader of The Saviors, taking over for Negan now that he has been thrust out of power. He did spend some time there to get to know how the place works but has never been the kind of character to take on leadership roles in a group.

Or perhaps he could exile himself and live in the woods or at the dump where The Scavengers used to reside on his own. He does have the survival skills to not need to rely on others for food or shelter.

The most likely is that he kind of drifts between the communities like he did through much of season 8, never really settling down and keeping his options open.

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Where do you think Daryl will call his home during season 9 of The Walking Dead? Let us know where you think he will live in the comments section below.