Fear The Walking Dead targeted with copyright lawsuit over season 2

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The creator of a comic book is claiming that Fear The Walking Dead followed the events of their story a little too closely during the show’s second season.

Fear The Walking Dead took to the water during season 2 of the popular AMC zombie survival drama series where loose lips sunk ships and pirates were looking to take everything they could to survive.

While the idea of surviving the undead apocalypse on a boat in the ocean is something new to viewers of the television AMC’s programs, it is a topic which has been addressed in other projects outside of Robert Kirkman’s universe.

In fact, the similarities between a comic book titled Dead Ahead from author Mel Smith and the second season of the show has drawn a lot of attention recently and a copyright claim has been made on the story according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The full legal documents can be found on their site, but the main claim being made is that the storylines are a bit too similar and there was an opportunity for information regarding the story to be taken.

The storyline of Dead Ahead according to Atomic Avenue does sound a little familiar to the plot of season 2.

"“What had started as a fun little fishing trip soon turns into a nightmare of damnation, trapped on a floating prison. The continents have been hit by a zombie outbreak that spread fast, turning humanity into living corpses, leaving those at sea alive to fend for themselves. With provisions running low, hope comes on the horizon in the form of a luxury liner. All they needed to survive would be on the ship, but who among the fishermen will dare to board the liner and discover what’s become of its passengers and crew?”"

The idea of a zombie attack on a luxury boat definitely matches up with season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead and while the details might not be exact, a deeper dive into Dead Ahead would need to be done for better comparison.

It is noted in the complaint names Fear The Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert, who was reportedly the agent of the creator of Dead Ahead to provide an intimate connection between the franchises.

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AMC has yet to comment on the lawsuit and right now it’s hard to draw any kind of conclusion based on the information provided. However, this should be a story to keep an eye on as it could impact the franchise negatively if these claims are found to be accurate.