The Walking Dead Fan Rewards adds SDCC options

The Walking Dead title screen - AMC
The Walking Dead title screen - AMC /

Members of The Walking Dead Fan Rewards Club have a chance to use points for unique rewards and experiences at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Walking Dead Fan Rewards Club made good on its promise to deliver exciting new rewards and experiences this summer. The addition of several rewards for fans attending San Diego Comic-Con are particularly exciting because they guarantee opportunities to meet the cast at the convention, something that can be hard to do at the event.

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AMC and The Walking Dead have enjoyed a long relationship with San Diego Comic-Con, appearing in panels and signing autographs from their booth on the exhibit hall floor. Fans who wish to see the panels often camp out overnight to ensure entry to Hall H while other fans wait in long lines for “opportunity drawings” to possible win tickets to autograph sessions. (Line drawings feature winning tickets, so fans wait in line to draw a ticket that will either be a winner or not, all by random chance)

The Walking Dead Fan Rewards Club has been rolling out new rewards every week, and this week the new rewards involve San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place July 19-22. Two of the rewards include special access to The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead autograph sessions (15,000 points each) and another is a chance to get a Walker makeover on July 18, just in time for Preview Night at SDCC. The makeover is also 15,000 points. All three of the SDCC-themed rewards sold out very quickly.

The inclusion of the SDCC-themed rewards could be viewed as a sign of what could be coming in the future in terms of Fan Rewards. With so many conventions, including Walker Stalker Con and New York Comic Con, it would make sense for AMC to roll out opportunities to fans through the rewards program at events where large numbers of The Walking Dead fans will be present. Creating a buzz for the program benefits everyone; Fans get rewards and the program gains members.

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What do you think of the SDCC-themed fan rewards? For those fans attending SDCC, is 15,000 points worth a guaranteed autograph session?