Review and unboxing of The Quotable Negan for The Walking Dead fans

The Quotable Negan cover - The Walking Dead - Image Comics and Skybound
The Quotable Negan cover - The Walking Dead - Image Comics and Skybound /

Recently released by Skybound, The Quotable Negan contains the greatest lines ever said by the most charismatic bad guy in the history of The Walking Dead.

Skybound wanted to do something special to celebrate Negan, a villain who was introduced in The Walking Dead comics who can relate to the everyday man of the world with his strong language and brutal methods of leadership.

The concept they came up with was a simple one: create a book full of quotes, photos, stats, and fun facts about the character who many comic book readers have grown to love since his smashing debut.

Titled The Quotable Negan, the book was officially released on July 3, 2018 and features 158 colorful pages mixing all the best (and worst) parts of the foul-mouthed former leader of The Saviors.

While the quotes are on white pages with no photos, the color scheme for the photos and graphs is red and black, which fans may remember from the debut of Negan in issue 100 titled “Something To Fear Part 4” his black and red silhouette gracing the cover.

The quotes inside are a majority of the book, but they are a lot of fun. It may not be coffee table material in more conservative households, but it sure could get conversations started. The colorful language shared inside the book isn’t something that would be appreciated by everyone, yet there are plenty of nuggets of wisdom included as well.

More hardcore fans will enjoy the statistics included in the book, which cover his brutal kills, swears directed at other characters, and a whole lot more.

The detail goes even further, with blood spatters on the title page as well as the blank pages at the back as a reminder of how brutal Negan can be and everything he’s done to keep himself, The Saviors, and even the people of Alexandria safe.

You would have to be either a huge fan of Negan or the comic book series from Image Comics and Skybound to pick up this book. However, it is quite entertaining and should be fun for those who don’t know the comic version of the character and only enjoy the AMC show.

I highly recommend you pick up your copy right now on! You can usually find it for under $15 with the Kindle versions coming in at under $10.

Check out an unboxing of the book as well as a bonus opening of a poster of King Ezekiel from The Walking Dead Rewards as shared on the Undead Talking YouTube channel:

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If you love vulgarity, brutality, and the undead, The Quotable Negan might just be the perfect book to add to your collection. While it won’t be for everyone, many fans of The Walking Dead will find the quotes and additional information fun and informative. It is highly recommended!