The Walking Dead airs Best Of The Governor marathon this Sunday

The Governor on The Walking Dead season 4 - David Morrissey - Screencap Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead
The Governor on The Walking Dead season 4 - David Morrissey - Screencap Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead /

The Walking Dead continues to show character based marathons this week with a look back at The Governor’s best episodes.

While fans count down the days until the release of The Walking Dead season 9 trailer at SDCC there are character specific marathons of past seasons of The Walking Dead airing every Sunday on AMC to keep them busy. This week The Walking Dead Best Of marathon presents the best episodes centered on The Governor. Love him or hate him there’s no denying the impact he had on the group and on the development of the story.

Woodbury seemed a little too good to be true and of course it turned out that it was too good to be true. Andrea chose to stay with The Governor instead of leaving Woodbury with Michonne and regretted it after The Governor turned on her. She tried to escape, but he ultimately caught her and dragged back to Woodbury. Andrea ended up taking her own life after a bite from walker Milton made her death inevitable. At least she got to see Rick and Michonne one more time before she died.

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But The Governor’s mental stability would come and go frequently. In a fit of madness after being beaten by the survivors in the prison when he tried to attack the prison he killed as many of the Woodbury fighters as he could and left. Rick and the others took the remaining Woodbury residents into the prison and tried to build a larger community.

Naturally The Governor wasn’t about to let that happen. After he found Tara and her sister he become obsessed with finding a safe place for them all and attacked the prison again, this time killing Hershel. That episode, “Too Far Gone”, wraps up The Walking Dead Best Of The Governor marathon on Sunday.

The Walking Dead Best Of The Governor Marathon Episodes

The Walking Dead Best Of The Governor marathon starts this Sunday, July 8th, at 12:45 PM. The episodes that will be shown to look back at the biggest villain that The Walking Dead had before Negan include:

303 – “Walk with Me”
305 – “Say the Word”
308 – “Made to Suffer”
310 – “Home”
314 – “Prey”
316 – “Welcome to the Tombs”
406 – “Live Bait”
407 – “Dead Weight”
408 – “Too Far Gone”

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The Death Of Hershel

Death is a constant on The Walking Dead, but some deaths are harder to accept than others. Hershel’s death at the hands of The Governor is one that many fans, like myself, still take very personally. I have not watched “Too Far Gone” since it aired and may or may not watch it this Sunday. But I will be live tweeting the Best Of The Governor marathon so if you’re watching too tweet me @SonyaIryna and let’s talk about how these older episodes stack up against the more recent seasons of The Walking Dead.