The Walking Dead Best Of The Governor marathon fan reactions

The Governor on The Walking Dead season 4 - David Morrissey - Screencap Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead
The Governor on The Walking Dead season 4 - David Morrissey - Screencap Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead /

The Walking Dead marathon this week showed what made The Governor such a compelling villain and gave us another chance to say goodby to a fallen favorite.

The Walking Dead marathon focused on The Governor this week gave fans the chance to look back at what was the biggest villain the group had faced until Negan showed up. The Governor had a long run on the show and did some major damage to the group by killing Merle and Andrea. But what he will most be remembered for is killing Hershel by beheading him with Michonne’s katana when he and the group he hooked up with after Woodbury tried to take the prison.

It’s interesting to look back at past seasons and see them from a different perspective. So many of our favorite characters were still alive at that point and Rick was still trying to hang onto some humanity then. When he offered to share the prison with The Governor and his group it was really his last ditch effort at trying to be the kind of leader that Hershel knew he could be. When Hershel died Rick changed forever. And so did all of us watching.

Maggie’s pain at watching Hershel’s death is still hard to watch, but knowing that she will also lose Beth and then Glenn made it even worse. In some ways these character driven marathons are like watching old home movies and seeing loved one that are no longer around is both painful and comforting at the same time. Here are some of the best fan reactions to The Walking Dead’s Best Of The Governor marathon:

And that moment we were all waiting for:

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Next week The Walking Dead marathon is all about Shane and it will be fun to look back at the bromance between Rick and Shane and speculate on what would have happened if Shane had lived. Join us for The Walking Dead Best Of Shane marathon on Sunday and tweet along with us @UndeadWalkingFS and @SonyaIryna.