The Walking Dead season 9 premiere date announced at SDCC

The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC
The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC /

It was announced at The Walking Dead panel at SDCC today that the show will be returning for season 9 earlier than usual.

The Walking Dead season 9 premiere date is Sunday, October 7th. And there will be a special episode of Talking Dead directly following The Walking Dead season 9 premiere. Thankfully AMC will not be shoving a show between The Walking Dead and Talking Dead this season, and hopefully, they won’t do it to either The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead ever again.

But finally, fans know when The Walking Dead will be returning for season 9. The early October date is a little earlier than the show usually returns but fans won’t mind getting to start season 9 a little early. Especially since this is going to be a unique season that will tie up storylines for some beloved characters and start new storylines for some of the new and previously undeveloped characters.

With the departure of Andy Lincoln, the show is shifting focus and will start to look at the rebuilding of society and how the remaining groups of survivors are going to interact with their world and with each other. There are hints in The Walking Dead season 9 trailer that life isn’t always peaceful between the groups even though Negan has been vanquished The Saviors are now living in among the other communities.

A new era is starting for the survivors of The Walking Dead and for the fans who love them and that era begins with The Walking Dead season 9 premiere on October 7th.

New Characters

There will be a time jump between The Walking Dead season 8 finale and The Walking Dead season 9 premiere that will cover the rest of Maggie’s pregnancy so when the show picks up again Maggie and Glenn’s baby, named Hershel of course, is already on the scene. There will also be some other new characters arriving at some point in the season: Magna, Yumiko, and their small group will join the existing survivors at some point in the season.

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It will be interesting to see how the new characters fit into the hierarchy that has been built since the end of All Out War and what’s going on with Negan now that he’s a prisoner. Lots of questions will be answered when The Walking Dead returns on October 7th.