Super Dinosaur from Robert Kirkman being adapted to animated series

Robert Kirkman's Super Dinosaur being adapted to animated series - Photo Credit: Super Dinosaur - Image Comics / Jason Howard / Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman's Super Dinosaur being adapted to animated series - Photo Credit: Super Dinosaur - Image Comics / Jason Howard / Robert Kirkman /

Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman is adapting Super Dinosaur with co-creator/artist Jason Howard to an upcoming animated series.

Last week at San Diego Comic-Con’s ‘Skybound Entertainment: What’s Next’ panel, Robert Kirkman made the announcement that his Super Dinosaur comic will soon be an animated series. Kirkman writes the series, while co-creator Jason Howard does the art. Howard also does the art for Kirkman’s other two projects: The Astounding Wolf-Man and Trees.

While there’s no official word yet on who will broadcast or stream Super Dinosaur (at least in the U.S.), there’s a pretty good chance Amazon will be part of it.

His popular series Invincible (his longest running series after The Walking Dead) is currently slated for an eight-episode animated series by Amazon Studios according to The Hollywood Reporter. Why not Super Dinosaur? Kirkman signed a two year deal with Amazon in a move away from AMC, earlier this year, it just seems like this type of project would be part of it.

Super Dinosaur’s origins began two years before the very first issue was released back in June 2011. Artist/co-creator Jason Howard had drawn a Tyrannosaurus donning a cape to entertain his five-year-old son at the time when he decided to share the sketch with Kirkman. The Walking Dead creator suggested the T-Rex’s arms could control large robotic arms, and soon Super Dinosaur’s story-line would be that of a genetically altered Tyrannosaurus Rex. Kirkman told USA Today in a 2011 interview, “It was that goofy visual that was the beginning of the concept.” There’s been 24 comics of Super Dinosaur by Image Comics since.

It’s generally considered to be family friendly compared to the violence found in The Walking Dead and Invincible. It’s no coincidence, Kirkman and Howard wanted to create something their own kids could read and enjoy. In an interview with Digital Spy, Kirkman remarked “I kind of realized that I write comics for a living and that’s a pretty cool thing for a kid to have a dad doing. But I don’t do anything he could read.”

It’s not the first time Super Dinosaur was announced to be being adapted to an animated series. In Nov. 2017, it was announced by Canadian toy maker Spin Master and Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment that Atomic Cartoons was developing a Super Dinosaur cartoon due out sometime in 2018. Canadian fans know that Super Dinosaur will likely be broadcast on TV but American fans will have to wait for more info.

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