Future Royalty makes its mark in The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer

The Walking Dead SDCC promo image. Photo: AMC
The Walking Dead SDCC promo image. Photo: AMC /

Chances are The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer will be the most talked about subject amongst fans.  Which means Future Royalty will also be on everyone’s playlists.

The Walking Dead season 9 trailer is finally here and with it a promising season ahead accompanied by one of the most catchy songs used in a trailer for the hit show to date.

Season 8 led viewers to the All Out War conclusion with Rick achieving victory over a defeated but still very much alive Negan. This, as expected, didn’t bode well for certain people and the trailer was kind enough to remind fans of that fact.

Fans got a first look at the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con which now has over 4 million views on YouTube. What the trailer provided was how sparing Negan’s life might end several lives and cut strong family ties. Meaning, unfortunately for Rick, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Proving that drama is never far away from Rick and his group the trailer needed an epic song to truly harness the severity of the situation. Enter Future Royalty’s “Take What’s Mine”.

Future Royalty described as “a creative collective of producers and recording artists” according to their website released the song that was featured in the season 9 trailer. Upbeat and powerful, it fits like a glove over an already adrenaline-fueled television series.

The combination of several instruments including the guitar for intensity and piano for subtly alongside the deep hums and strong lyrics makes it sound like a possible salute to the show’s main character Rick on what will be his last season of the television series.

Each beat of the euphonious song plays in the background of nail-biting and goosebump driven moments such as Rick and Michonne on horseback, tensions running high as certain factions quarrel, Rick, and Daryl’s bond further hanging by a thread, hearing Negan’s haunting words, and of course, watching some good old-fashioned walker killing.

Future Royalty’s “Take What’s Mine” will easily be hummed and sang aloud for a while right alongside the likes of other past monumental and thematic trailer songs such as Kari Kimmel’s “Black”, Hozier’s “Arsonist’s Lullabye”, and Ruelle’s “Take It All”.

Any information on Future Royalty at the current moment appears to be limited. “Take What’s Mine” seems to be the first song, already available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Underneath the distinctive image of a hand harnessing a power in the form of a brightly lit neon sign, their webpage does state NEW MUSIC COMING SOON. A second song “Live Forever” has also been released and though taking a softer tone than “Take What’s Mine” it stays true to a theme of making any moment larger than life when looked at in the grand scheme of things.

Fans can follow updates on their webpage Future Royalty, as well as on their social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram.

Suffice it to say listeners will be paying close attention to new music with great anticipation for more deep, moving and heart thumping tunes fit for any apocalyptic walker-infested universe.

Listen to Future Royalty’s complete “Take What’s Mine” song on their official YouTube Channel here.

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