The Walking Dead season 9 preview special is coming

The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC
The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC /

Fans who loved The Walking Dead season 9 trailer at SDCC can see even more of the upcoming season next Sunday in TWD’s preview special.

The Walking Dead season 9 may still be a few months away but next Sunday, August 5th fans can get a better look at season 9 in The Walking Dead season 9 preview special. The preview special will air after The Walking Dead season 8 marathon on AMC.

It will be hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and it will give fans the chance to take a closer look at what’s coming up in season 9. There was a lot of information and teasers in the trailer so Yvette should be able to unpack all that information with a little help from interviews with the cast and executive producers throughout the show.

Based on the trailer that debuted at SDCC season 9 is going to change The Walking Dead forever with Andrew Lincoln’s departure, the development of the Commonwealth storyline, and the arrival of new villains The Whisperers. The Whisperers can be seen at the very end of The Walking Dead season 9 trailer and it was announced at SDCC that Samantha Morton has been cast to play the chilling head of The Whisperers Alpha.

The Walking Dead preview specials usually air a little closer to the premiere date but this year The Walking Dead preview special will air the week before Fear The Walking Dead returns from mid-season break on August 12th. Fear The Walking Dead season 4B will run right up until the end of September and The Walking Dead season 9 premieres on October 7.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4B

Fear The Walking Dead will continue the strongest season yet starting on August 12. The group will be splintered and trying to figure out what happens next after a shocking first half of the season where Nick and Madison were killed. Alicia, Strand, and Luciana will be trying their best to survive in the mist of a killer storm and threats from humans and walkers.

Fear The Walking Dead was just recently picked up for season 5. The reboot of the show and the many changes in story and character development as well as the look and feel of the show paid off in a big way and has made season 4 the best season so far so fans are excited to see what the rest of the season holds.

The Countdown Begins

The Walking Dead season 9 preview special starts the countdown to the premiere of season 9 so hold on TWD fans…only 9 more weeks to go until The Walking Dead returns.