Maggie and Michonne memorable scenes in The Walking Dead season 9

Maggie and Michonne - The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC and Skybound
Maggie and Michonne - The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC and Skybound /

Maggie and Michonne don’t see eye to eye on The Walking Dead and the two powerful women will share some memorable scenes in the show’s ninth season.

All-Out War may have come to a conclusion during the season 8 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but the ripple effect from the fallout of the war has left some lasting impact on many of the survivors.

One of the biggest dividing factors from the end of the war was Rick’s decision not to kill Negan, and instead take him captive. Despite all the horrible things Negan did to the survivors, Rick’s mercy wasn’t well received by several survivors.

The most vocal objection came from Maggie, who actually broke down at the sight of Rick’s decision on the battlefield and later on appeared to be plotting some kind of plan to eliminate the former leader of The Saviors.

This situation is bound to create quite a bit of friction between Maggie and her group at The Hilltop and Rick and Michonne, who handle things in Alexandria. Plus, it appears as though the two powerful women will be face-to-face on several occasions in the upcoming season.

Included in The Walking Dead mailbag from Skybound this week, a Twitter user named alix loves glenn sent in the following question:

 at Skybound fielded that question, responding that not only will these characters be interacting during season 9 but that their time spent on the screen will be something fans won’t soon forget.

"“Oh yes, Maggie and Michonne will share quite a few memorable scenes together this season. The one pictured above is actually one of them!”"

It’s not really surprising that the two characters will share scenes, but what is notable is that the scenes where they are together are being described as memorable. And with the possible hostility that Maggie may hold, that means something explosive may happen.

Of course, Maggie still wants to see Negan dead after Glenn was killed by Negan to make his point. Since then, Maggie has always questioned Rick’s leadership, but is she so blinded by rage that will take justice into her own hands?

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This will be a volatile situation to watch when season 9 of the popular AMC zombie survival drama series starts. But one thing for certain is that Negan is at the center of all this, and his safety in captivity is not assured.