The Walking Dead hasn’t forgotten about Heath since he disappeared

Heath - The Walking Dead - AMC
Heath - The Walking Dead - AMC /

It feels like forever ago since Heath disappeared along with an RV on The Walking Dead but fans can be assured that the show hasn’t forgotten about him.

Fans of The Walking Dead hate loose ends. When a character disappears or a storyline is never fully resolved, viewers are left wondering if this is something that will resurface in a later episode or if it should be forgotten.

One of the biggest loose ends on the show right now is Heath. An important part of the comic book series, Heath hasn’t exactly followed in his graphic counterpart’s footsteps. However, that’s nothing new for AMC.

What is unique about Heath is that everything about him is open-ended. He could be alive. He could be dead. He could want to return. He might not. He may have found another group. Or it’s possible he’s being held hostage somewhere.

Fans can speculate for days on what happened to Heath since he disappeared while on a scavenging run with Tara in season 7 episode 6, but one thing we know for sure is that the show itself hasn’t forgotten.

At San Diego Comic Con, the creator of The Walking Dead spoke about the possibility of Corey Hawkins returning to the hit AMC television show and Robert Kirkman had this to say according to

"“I wouldn’t want to spoil things, like it’s entirely possible that he could be coming back at some point, but we’ll see. We have not forgotten Heath. And everyone will remember that character when he comes back.”"

Much like when Morales made his return during season 8, fans can always appreciate seeing a familiar face. It’s great the show was able to bring him back and give his story a conclusion. And possibly the same could be done for Heath…or maybe he will return as a long time survivor and fans may finally find out what PPP stands for.

Either way, Hawkins is a busy man. With roles in Straight Outta Compton, 21: Legacy, and Kong: Skull Island among other major hits on his resume since joining the zombie drama series, it’s easy to see just how in-demand the actor is.

"“Corey Hawkins, who played Heath, very great actor, got busy on a lot of things, [had] different things happening, this is what happens in the world,” Kirkman said."

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It would be great to see Corey Hawkins return as Heath on The Walking Dead at some point, but don’t expect him to be popping up during season 9. However, it’s great to know that he hasn’t been forgotten and could return to the show at some point in the future.