New Fear the Walking Dead season 4B teaser: ‘Things are tough’

Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in Fear the Walking Dead Season 1Photo by Justin Lubin/AMC
Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in Fear the Walking Dead Season 1Photo by Justin Lubin/AMC /

In the latest trailer for Fear the Walking Dead it’s clear that things are tough, but fans know that this is only the beginning for the new group of survivors.

Fear the Walking Dead was recently renewed for a fifth season and that means that whatever story is being told right now will carry into the new season seamlessly. In the newest teaser from AMC, June tells someone that “things are tough right now” and she can’t be more correct. There’s a storm brewing and it’s going to mean trouble for the survivors.

The Walking Dead Universe is characterized by long periods of strife peppered with brief respites. Just as things start to look up, they fall apart. That’s the nature of the zombie apocalypse. Now that the two groups from the first half of the season have merged, they’re now fighting as one unit to stay alive and it’s a tough thing to do when new people show up.

Here’s the newest trailer:

As you can see, Alicia is having some alone time while Strand and Luciana caution Morgan against encountering other people like them. Strand knows that the threat from other people is greater than anything else and he’s not going to give up his creature comforts without a fight. Incidentally, they seem to have a nice place to stay for the duration of the teaser, but can it last? Probably not.

The teaser also provides a look at the newest additions to the show. They, too, have been through a lot and it looks like they’re not quick to trust anyone either. Their particular brand of apprehension feels a lot like open hostility, though, as is seen when Morgan ends up with a gun leveled at him.

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Fans will learn more about where things stand for the survivors when Fear the Walking Dead returns on August 12 on AMC.