Fans of Daryl and Carol may be saddened by The Walking Dead season 9

Daryl and Carol - The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl and Carol - The Walking Dead - AMC /

Many fans have been clamoring for Daryl and Carol to become an item on AMC’s The Walking Dead. But those fans might not like the developments of season 9.

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead can be rather bold in their opinions. Whether it’s not agreeing with a storyline from the show or wanting to see specific things happen in future episodes, many viewers are not afraid to be vocal about what they like and dislike.

One of the most passionate groups of fans of the zombie survival drama series is those who want to see Carol and Daryl become a couple. These ‘Caryl’ fans have been waiting since the first season of the show, hoping to see this happen.

However, those fans were in for some bad news when they watched the season 9 preview special on AMC, where it was confirmed that one of those individuals would be taking on a different love interest.

It was revealed by new showrunner Angela Kang that it will King Ezekiel who draws the attention of Carol, taking the role of Michonne from the popular comic book series. And, of course, Michonne is taking on the role of Andrea from the comics, creating a chain reaction of changes.

Khary Payton, the actor who plays Ezekiel, spoke about enjoying sharing scenes with Melissa McBride’s character Carol, saying she not only makes scenes amazing but she makes him a better actor as transcribed by

"“Working with Melissa is always amazing. I always say she is the best acting coach I’ve ever had! It just so happens, I don’t have to pay her. Whatever I’m feeling about a scene, she can say something or point something out, and my world changes.”"

While that may disappoint some fans, Angela Kang ensured fans that there will be opportunities to see Carol and Daryl together on the show, but it may not be in the romantic terms that some fans are hoping for.

"“It’s not that Carol and Daryl don’t have their special time,” she said."

This doesn’t mean that the Daryl and Carol may not end up getting together romantically some time in the future, but those fans who were hoping to see that relationship develop in season 9 will need to continue to be patient.

In the meantime, viewers should be excited to see Carol with someone as caring and passionate as King Ezekiel since the two have already shared some touching scenes since the introduction of The Kingdom.

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What do you think of the decision to pair Carol up with Ezekiel rather than give many fans of The Walking Dead what they want by coupling Carol and Daryl? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.