Fear the Walking Dead episode 409 recap: People Like Us

Jenna Elfman as Naomi - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Jenna Elfman as Naomi - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead returns for the back half of season 4, and it’s going to be a wild ride as episode 409 hits the ground running. Here’s your recap of “People Like Us.”

The episode of Fear The Walking Dead begins with the storm. There’s a sign on the side of the road that says “Road May Flood.” You’ve got that right. It’s dark and the rain is coming down in sheets. Some Infected are munching a horse on the road but the wind whips them up into the air, and as the camera pans around the road, there are Infected being swept all over the place. Al’s tank is parked in the intersection. Needless to say, they’re not going anywhere.

Cue opening credits: It’s the same shot, but the storm is rumbling in the sky as a group of figures – Survivors or Infected – cross the landscape.

An Infected is walking along but someone kills it and searches the body. It’s Morgan. He kills several others and takes their stuff. He finds a radio that is still working, and he also finds a lot of supplies. These he lays out inside his covered wagon and surveys.

Morgan calls Al, who is in the middle of making some repairs to the vehicle. She asks how his leg is and he says he’s doing ok. Morgan asks about the first time she interviewed him and she teases him about the pet tiger and the king. He is ready to show her because he’s heading home, and he needs a ride.

June (aka Naomi, aka Laura) is in her school bus house skinning a fish. (Hey! We know where she learned to fish!) She smiles when she sees Morgan, who approaches the gate on her little bridge shelter. He asks if John is there.

Inside the bus, Charlie is in the driver’s seat while John is on the makeshift couch. It looks like they’re all living together. John gets up and ponders Morgan’s desire to go to Virginia. Morgan admits his “friend” was right and that’s where he’s supposed to be. John doesn’t argue with him, knowing full well what it’s like to be on a personal journey. Morgan looks at Charlie, and then he says they could all go with him. They’d be welcome in Alexandria. John asks about his leg, and Morgan says he’s ok for the trip. John isn’t physically up for the trip. He’d been hoping they could all go back to John’s cabin. He invites John to dinner, and Morgan hopes he changes his mind. Morgan knows they have been on a journey together, and John says he finally thinks he has everything he needs in life.

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Morgan approaches a different gate. This one leads to a big mansion. There are solar panels in the yard, along with an Infected. He moves to kill it, but Sniper Strand tries to take him out from the window. He misses. Morgan kills the Infected and Strand yells down that they have a breach in the fence.

Inside the mansion, Strand shows off his art collection (which he has been rotating for full effect) and the wine (the ‘61 is SO MUCH better than the ‘66). Morgan goes looking for Luciana, who is in the music room listening to records about lost love. Morgan turns the music off and she sits up. He wants to talk. He tells her the plan to leave for Virginia, and he says they have room. Strand laughs because he’s not going on another road trip ever again. Luciana refuses to get back in Al’s truck, and Strand is done with scraping by. They wish Morgan well, but they’re not going. Morgan asks about Alicia, and Strand reveals that she moved into the pool house. She never moved into the big mansion. Luciana thinks she spotted her near the garden a week prior.

Morgan makes his way to Alicia’s house. Though it could be decorated nicely, she is living with the bare minimum. Morgan finds a series of notes that read “help” with various locations written on them.

Outside Alicia draws the Infected to the fence and then she dispatches them. He says they need to talk. He knows what she’s going through. When he asks about the notes, she reveals that she didn’t write them. Someone has been pinning them to the Infected and she intends to find who needs help and help them. He offers to take her to Alexandria, but she insists that she has to help find the people who need her help. He leaves, and she continues her work.

Back at the bus, June is cleaning John’s bandage. He teases that she has been doing more fishing in the last month than he has. She asks if he meant what he said about going back to the cabin and he did, and he wonders if she would like to go as well. Before she can answer, they hear an Infected. Charlie is sitting by the river below, reading a book. An Infected approaches her and she backs up, terrified. Al jumps in out of nowhere and saves the day.

Strand naps among his empty bottles and music. He closes the blood splattered door and realizes that there is an Infected inside. Luciana is listening to the music and doesn’t hear them fighting in the background. He kills it with a broken bottle and teases that “these grapes weren’t meant for wrath.” He says it’s time to find the breach.

Al asks if Charlie will be ok. She only came by to say goodbye. June takes her inside, and outside John reveals that Charlie doesn’t say much anymore. They see a bunch of Infected floating down the river and John wants to investigate. He’s too weak, so June says she will go. Al offers to help, assuring John that they’ll be fine.

Morgan loads up his pack and looks at the book he gave to Nick. Alicia shows up and says she has figured out where the Infected are coming from. The notes are pinned using a pin from the lumber mill up the road. Morgan says he’ll go, and she plans to go with him. The wind picks up.

Al and June are stopped by a felled tree in the road. Al can clear it with the truck, but she walks ahead to check out a box on the road. It has a note saying to take what is needed and leave the rest, and they will see you down the road. She hasn’t seen anything like this, so she wants to film it. It’s full of medical supplies and water. June asks Al what John said about her in the past, and she reveals that he told her a lot about Laura, and the others talked about Naomi. No one mentioned June. Al is willing to listen if she wants to talk. Al is there to help, despite her motive to film their journey.

Morgan asks what happens after they help these mystery people. Alicia doesn’t think it will matter because he will be long gone. Morgan admits he left his friends behind without saying goodbye, believing it was the only choice. She points out that they could all be long gone, but that’s not possible. He calls his friends strong, like she is. He talks about how Rick said he would be better off around people, and Morgan wants to tell Rick he was right about that, because he was. Morgan is trying to protect Alicia from learning that lesson the hard way. An Infected approaches with another note tacked onto his face.

Strand and Luciana repair the fence. Once their done he wants to head back to the cellar. She asks what they’re doing there, and he’s content to enjoy what they have. Luciana is lost, unsure of what they are doing and what’s out there. He’s not going to ask questions. He’s going to enjoy it.

Alicia kills another Infected outside of the lumber yard. Morgan cautions her before running headlong inside, but he reluctantly follows her.

John is busy making Scrabble pieces and a game board while June is away. Charlie is in the bus and John asks her to play a game with him. She doesn’t have to talk. Just play. They sit down and as they get started he tells her how there was a point when he didn’t talk a lot either. He did something that didn’t make him proud. He never thought he’d get over it, but then he found someone to talk to, June, and talking with her made him feel better. With her help, he was able to forgive himself. He apologizes for talking too much about it and tells her to play. When an Infected catches their attention, he goes outside. While he’s gone, she packs her books and leaves through the gate.

Strand busies himself by cleaning up the Infected. The barometer warns of a big storm but no one is looking at it. When he goes outside, John is there. Strand is happy to see John upright. John needs help finding Charlie, and Strand doesn’t think that’s a good idea but John reminds him that he took a bullet for them. Strand reluctantly agrees, but suggests they leave Luciana out of it. And John has to drive because Strand has been drinking. Heavily.

Alicia pinpoints the location of the messages and they go inside one of the work areas. The Infected are congregating at one point, so she tries to draw them out. Morgan wants to take them outside, so he lures them while she works to kill them. Once they’re gone, they find that their victim was already dead. She finds another note saying “come quickly.” Alicia thinks he mom would have been able to save him. She talks about how they were out looking for people at the Stadium. Morgan asks about the greenhouse. He says Strand and Luciana need her to rescue them, by being there. She agrees with his point, but she also says he could be there for them, too. But he’s leaving.

Al and June find more Infected in the rivers. June asks her to turn off the camera so John doesn’t hear what she has to say. She admits John fell in love with Laura, but she isn’t Laura. She is the woman who ran from everything. That is the person she is. John wants to go to the cabin, and if they do then he will see that she isn’t the same person. Al says she doesn’t give advice, but since they’re talking she points out that she’s with John, helping him get better. That is who she is now. Nothing else matters. June nods, but this moment is interrupted by a flock of birds flying away from them. June suddenly realizes that the dead aren’t coming from an accident. It’s something else.

John and Strand check the library. Strand drinks his wine as they drive and John reminds him that he was a cop before, and Strand says he was a millionaire. Everyone was something. John talks about his plan to return to the cabin. Strand wants to know what comes after that.

The rain is coming down when Morgan and Alicia head back. She tells him she can get back on her own, but he says this weather is really bad. She insists, walking away.

Luciana’s record stops playing and she hears someone inside. It’s Charlie, who realizes the mistake she has made. Luciana chases her out into the rain, shouting that she has done enough. Charlie loses her jacket in the process as she runs away. Luciana goes back inside to find a copy of The Little Prince, and she decides to find Charlie.

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June radios John and tells him the storm is coming, but he says it’s already there. The signal cuts out.

Al pulls over because she can’t drive in the wind. Suddenly the truck starts to be pelted by the undead. The storm has arrived.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.