Indiana student arrested for playing The Walking Dead: Our World game

The Walking Dead: Our World - Next Games and AMC
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Apparently, not everyone enjoys killing zombies since an Indiana student was recently arrested for posting a video of playing The Walking Dead: Our World.

The Walking Dead: Our World is an interesting game using augmented reality to allow gamers to eliminate walkers with help from their favorite survivors from the popular AMC zombie survival drama series.

The game has drawn in fans of popular games like Pokemon Go, which has used location-based services to blend with fantasy environments to give gamers the feel of actually living in the universe where the franchise takes place.

However, there are some places where playing these games may not be appropriate. A funeral might not be good. A place of worship shouldn’t be on the top of the list. But now schools should be added to the places where Our World probably shouldn’t be played.

According to an article on the Yahoo! website, an 18-year-old student at Scottsburg High School in Indiana uploaded a video of himself playing The Walking Dead: Our World at his school to his social media channel while and found himself being arrested for doing so.

Sean Small, a member of the Indiana National Guard, was reportedly arrested on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 on charges of Intimidation and has entered a plea of not guilty. His bond of $1,000 was paid but he has a hearing set up at his school since he is facing expulsion.

WAVE3 News spoke with the school’s superintendent, who assures everyone he is only concerned with the safety of the students.

"“In today’s society where schools have become targets of violence, we must take a serious and deliberate approach to our investigations.”"

It has also been reported that the clip uploaded by Small includes other students at Scottsburg High School in the video as he walked through the halls eliminating the virtual undead. However, there are no reports on either website of other students being threatened by the actions of the 18-year-old playing his video game.

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If you are a gamer who loves The Walking Dead: Our World, the best advice to give at this point would be to avoid playing the game in schools or other places and definitely not uploading those clips to your social media channels…just in case a an event worse than a virtual zombie apocalypse happens in real life and you find yourself in jail or possibly kicked out of school.