5 predictions for issue 183 of The Walking Dead comic book series

The Walking Dead issue 183 15th anniversary variant cover - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 183 15th anniversary variant cover - Image Comics and Skybound /

Issue 183 of The Walking Dead comics looks to feature some interesting scenes with Michonne and Elodie. Here are 5 predictions of what could happen.

So far, things involving The Commonwealth have been fairly unpredictable in The Walking Dead comics. Heading into issue 183 of the series, fans have to be curious what secrets are hiding behind the massive community.

Released in September of 2018, the issue titled “And Michonne Without Her Sword” should give readers a little more insight into the new settlement as well as possibly exploring the mother-daughter relationship between Michonne and Elodie some more.

Still, there will be some questions fans have as to what the upcoming issue will bring. Thankfully, a recent release of three preview panels gave some idea as to what direction it will go and the situations could be quite interesting.

Here are five predictions as to what fans may see from issue 183 of The Walking Dead comics:

  1. A little time away. Michonne and Elodie take a trip to one of the nearby communities which make up part of The Commonwealth. While Elodie is happy showing off the area, Michonne is considering taking her back to Alexandria to introduce her to her former zombie fighting ‘family’.
  2. Jerome, we hardly knew you. A soldier from The Commonwealth named Jerome is accompanying Michonne and Elodie in the previews. However, they will encounter a small group of walkers where he will attempt to protect everyone and meet his doom, not realizing Michonne is a killing machine.
  3. Life on the outside. Surprised by how much differently people live when they are outside of the upper class, Michonne sees that others are left to fight for their own survival while providing for the rich…which doesn’t sit well with her.
  4. Bringing back memories. Being near the water reminds Michonne of her time on the boats with Pete and how much of a part of bringing her and Ezekiel together was. She also wonders if he and the others are safe since they were away during the war against The Whisperers.
  5. Elodie lets some secrets fly. I’ve been predicting this for a while, but Elodie is going to want to spread the dirt regarding the community. And now that nobody else is around to overhear, it’s the perfect time to dish everything that Michonne needs to know. Even if it involves more about Sebastian.

Admittedly, I haven’t been great with predictions from the past issues, but it is always fun to speculate on how the story will work out, even if Robert Kirkman always seems to have something more compelling up his sleeve.

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What do you think will happen in issue 183 of The Walking Dead? And which of these predictions from “And Michonne Without Her Sword” do you think is the most accurate or furthest off? Let us know in the comments section below.