Gregory’s role in The Walking Dead Season 9

Gregory (Xander Berkeley) - Photo: AMC/Gene Page
Gregory (Xander Berkeley) - Photo: AMC/Gene Page /

Upon the release of The Walking Dead season 9 trailer, Gregory is noticeably absent. Perhaps this explains the former Hilltop leader’s new role.

The former leader of The Hilltop has not been seen on The Walking Dead since the season 8 episode “Worth” with the exception of a brief mention during the season 8 finale. Since then viewers haven’t seen nor heard of him since. Not that it broke hearts .Now that All Out War has concluded what happened to him? What role will Gregory play next season?

Gregory does not have the greatest track record. Even the citizens of The Hilltop did not seem worried by his absence nor care with bigger problems ahead of them. Gregory’s repeated attempts or trying to be trustworthy are usually followed by some form of betrayal. Giving him a second chance may prove fatal but it is necessary.

For the first time Gregory should try to improve relations with Maggie, the new leader of The Hilltop. With no reason and no allies to help him steal the position back he has to accept that he is powerless.

Gregory - The Walking Dead - AMC
Gregory – The Walking Dead – AMC /

Unless he prefers isolation from the people he once led he will need to take on new responsibilities and duties. Gregory can try to contribute to the progressive future of The Hilltop or perhaps another community.

His leadership skills (or lack thereof) are better dissolved and replaced with new ones which can include gardening and keeping watch over the community while key characters like Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, and Carol are absent.

Away from important decision-making tasks and into the daily grind will put him out of harms way which will benefit others and himself. He will have to trust that the new way of living set by Rick is the only way.

As long as Gregory has decided to join the group instead of constantly fighting them he may prove himself to be a valuable asset similarly to Alden. He better believe Maggie will be keeping a close eye on him looking for a chance he may return to his old ways.

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As the expression goes, the tiger cannot change its stripes. What do you think happened to Gregory? Has he gained your trust? Leave your answers in the comment section down below I’d love to read them!