Sneak peek video of Fear The Walking Dead episode 413: Blackjack

John Dorie - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
John Dorie - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Take a look at a scene from season 4 episode 13 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead titled “Blackjack” before it airs on Sunday, September 9, 2018.

Now that another episode of Fear The Walking Dead is in the books, it’s time for fans to turn their attention to season 4 episode 13 of the series and prepare for another gritty installment of the AMC zombie drama.

Considering everything the survivors have gone through this season, viewers have to be hoping for some positive and uplifting things to happen on the show, even after they were devastated at the baseball diamond and separated by the storm.

AMC has offered up a short scene from the upcoming episode of Fear The Walking Dead and has shared it on their official YouTube channel. Check out that scene right here!

The scene kicks off with Strand standing near a shoreline. He says the waters aren’t friendly, but John says they won’t be swimming. He is roping some logs together to form some kind of raft, likely to move down the river.

The wind seems to have pushed their vehicle into the water, meaning they need to find an alternative method of transportation. John’s raft can fit two people, so he offers Strand a spot with him.

Strand declines, saying he has plenty of supplies and that he’ll go his own way. He complains about giving up his mansion with wine to help John with his mission to find Charlie, adding that he’s done being foolish.

John says he’s using his head to get out of a situation and Strand could do the same. After another offer declined, John adds that once he finds June and Charlie they will return to find him near that very spot.

The two go their own ways, with John questioning Strand’s rations and Strand not trusting the raft made by John as the preview comes to a close.

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What did you think of this scene from Fear The Walking Dead season 4 episode 13? Did it get you excited for the episode on September 9, 2018? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.