Teaser preview video for Fear The Walking Dead episode 413: Blackjack

Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

The teaser video for season 4 episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead titled “Blackjack” has tons of action, adventure, drama, and excitement. Watch it now!

Every time an episode of AMC’s zombie survival drama shows come to an end, fans are left wondering what is next for their favorite characters…and that trend continued with Fear The Walking Dead.

Viewers are now left to try to figure out what could happen next and what impact it will have on the survivors. Thankfully, AMC never leaves people in the dark for too long and the teases help to hold fans over.

Take a look at the teaser video for season 4 episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead titled “Blackjack” as shared on the official YouTube channel of AMC:

There is quite a bit happening in the video, so here is a breakdown of the action as well as what it might mean for the characters involved:

  • The survivors find Purvis and try to figure out what happened to the walker and why, likely knowing there is some kind of freak out there.
  • Holding the radio to the walker, the crazy woman is letting everyone listening to her new pet walker growl. This is probably to intimidate the survivors.
  • The positivity and negativity of John and Strand go head to head, and each could learn a little more about each other and how to face their problems.
  • Luciana is slaying walkers in front of her, using a crowbar to kill the last one that is trapped against a vehicle.
  • From the back of Wendell’s wheelchair, spikes pop out to stop a walker dead in its tracks. He’s like a porcupine!
  • A vehicle tumbles down a hill. Are John and Strand inside?
  • John is slaying walkers using a shovel. He can survive just about anything with any tool, can’t he?

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What did you think of this teaser video for season 4 episode 13 of Fear The  Walking Dead? And is there a particular part of the preview that has you exceptionally nervous or excited? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.