MVP from Fear the Walking Dead episode 412: June changing her ways

Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), Jim (Aaron Stanford), Sarah (Mo Collins) and Naomi (Jenna Elfman) in Fear The Walking Dead Episode 12Photo by Ryan Green/AMC
Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), Jim (Aaron Stanford), Sarah (Mo Collins) and Naomi (Jenna Elfman) in Fear The Walking Dead Episode 12Photo by Ryan Green/AMC /

Season 4 episode 12 of Fear The Walking Dead put characters in deadly situations, but one character made the decision to stay and help instead of running away.

Fear The Walking Dead on September 2, 2018 focused on the dynamic between June and Althea following the massive storm that separated the survivors while Morgan and his new group attempted to round everyone up.

Episode 412 titled “Weak” tested June and Althea in several different ways and put their past actions up against a mirror, giving them opportunities to change the way they react to different survival situations.

After quite a bit of thought, a Most Valuable Person from season 4 episode 12 has been determined!

The MVP from FearTWD 412 is June!

This week was a pretty easy week for naming an MVP. While Althea finally realized that surviving with friends were more important than her van, June made several self-discoveries that will stick with her for a long time.

Firstly, June showed that she has learned a lot from Madison letting her into their community. Her dealings with Quinn was likely something she would have done differently before meeting the matriarch of the Clark family, probably killing him dead in his tracks after wrestling the gun away from him.

But there was more than that. Her desire to run away by herself as soon as things got tough was challenged in a big way. Watching Al’s video showing John talking about her and how they would get back together gave her hope and desire to change her ways.

While Quinn and not leaving were massive for June, the fact she didn’t bolt when Althea lied to her about medicine being in the vehicle is even more of a testament to the changes being made to how she sees survival as well as other survivors.

The best news of all is that June has used her new way of living to help other survivors. Not only did she want to see Quinn be a survivor with the group, but she also encouraged Al not to do what she had done and left other survivors behind for personal reasons.

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June should continue to grow and develop as a character, especially with the help of John Dorie…if they can get back together. However, she has already become a much better person on Fear The Walking Dead thanks to the people she has already met, and that was made obvious in season 4 episode 12.