Recap of The Walking Dead issue 183: And Michonne Without Her Sword

The Walking Dead issue 183 cover - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 183 cover - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in the September 2018 issue of The Walking Dead comics? Here is the recap of events from issue 183 titled “And Michonne Without Her Sword”.

Issue 183 of The Walking Dead comics was released on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 and features the survivors from The Commonwealth as well as how the Michonne adjusting to her new community with her daughter.

Here is a complete rundown of what happened in the issue titled “And Michonne Without Her Sword”. However, it is highly recommended that you be caught up or read the recap of last month’s issue before continuing.

***WARNING: Full spoilers from The Walking Dead issue 183 below***

The issue kicks off with Michonne and Elodie riding horses. One of the soldiers from The Commonwealth is accompanying them. Despite Michonne saying his presence isn’t necessary, he says he is needed…for her safety because of her “stature” in the community.

It is revealed that they are headed toward Greenville. Elodie says her mom should relax because normally she had to wait until a full group wanted to go, so she should enjoy the perks of her standing.

Michonne says Jerome, the soldier accompanying them, could be better used somewhere else. However, Jerome says in a friendly way that there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. Just then, Jerome tells them to be quiet and that he sees “them”.

A small group of walkers stands in the road, blocking their path. Jerome gets off his horse and approaches the undead, saying he will clear the way. Michonne says to be quiet because there may be more of them, but Jerome assures her that this isn’t his first rodeo.

Jerome and Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 183 - Image Comics and Skybound
Jerome and Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 183 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Using the bayonet tip of his gun, Jerome stabs one walker through the eye socket while the other two get close to him. He works on taking them out while more zombies make their way toward him. A massive group has now assembled, grabbing him and biting at his suit while his gun falls to the ground.

Michonne jumps off her horse to help despite Elodie telling her not to. She begins swinging the gun around, using the blade much like she used to use her sword. She kicks a walker off Jerome, urging him to get up while he has the opportunity.

Once Jerome has moved away, Michonne opens fire on the walkers, dropping most of them to the ground. He thanks her, saying she should be leading the way while Elodie is stunned by what she just saw her mother do. Jerome says to leave the bodies and that someone will be along to clean them up soon.

Arriving in Greenville, Elodie is happy to show Michonne the docks of the community. Michonne says she thinks she will like it there as Jerome bids them farewell to head back home.

Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 183 - Image Comics and Skybound
Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 183 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Elodie is telling Michonne about a hostel they can stay at where things get a little rowdy, but a woman named Cloris arrives to tell them Lance radioed ahead to reserve them a cabin. She takes their horses to be stabled and leads them to their cabin.

Floored by the cabin, Elodie swears in excitement. A montage is shown of the mother and daughter fishing in the lake, enjoying a meal, lounging by the docks, and enjoying the peace and quiet of the cabin.

However, Michonne begins to tear up while when standing at the end of the dock. Elodie asks her what is wrong, but she says it’s nothing.

Rufus, a guard from The Commonwealth, arrives at Greenville to escort them back. Cloris arrives with a bag full of wine, bread, and other things for their travels. Michonne thanks her and Cloris says she hopes they return sometime soon.

Michonne overhears a kid named Rufus complaining that he is hungry. His mom says they can’t afford to buy anything and the kid’s older sibling says they are hungry too. She brings the bag over to the family and offers it to them, which they graciously accept.

Cloris is unhappy. She says there were expensive wines and cheeses in the bag that were intended for her. Michonne apologizes, adding that those people needed it more than they did.

On the way back, the mess made from the slaughtered zombies is completely gone. Michonne says it’s like it never happened.

Arriving back at The Commonwealth, there is a disturbance. There is a report that an officer has been attacked and Michonne runs to see what is going on.

Three soldiers are beating someone down, using their nightsticks while their target is on the ground. A group of people surrounds them, gasping in horror as the pummeling continues. Michonne sees this happening and attempts to stop the officers from beating down the bloody man. Using herself as a shield, she sees it is Jerome doing the beating.

Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 183 - Image Comics and Skybound
Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 183 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Later, Lance arrives at Michonne’s house where she is struggling to deal with what she witnessed. The guard stays outside while he enters her house, and she asks if the man getting beat is going to be okay.

Explaining there is swelling on his brain and he is clinging to life, Lance says the man, named Anthony Keith, might not make it. He goes on to say that the officer was assaulted and that’s how it all began. He believes the attack is due to an affair resulting from Anthony’s wife sleeping with the guard.

Michonne says it is bad. Lance agrees and says that the beating will leave an impression on people while the reason it happened will likely be downplayed. She says this could have a dangerous spin put on it, and result in something far worse than a beatdown.

Lance says Michonne’s first job at The Commonwealth will be to defend the officers who did the beatdown in a court of law because they can’t have people losing faith in their system.

Talking to Elodie later, Michonne voices her frustration. She says she doesn’t take orders well, but Elodie reminds her that she’s one of “them” now and can get away with a lot. She asks her mom what she going to do.

Michonne says everyone has a right to a defense, but is unsure how this is going to look. Elodie says Jerome seemed nice, but just then a woman walks by in disgust and berates Michonne for defending those men. Getting frustrated, Michonne lowers her head. Lance arrives and informs her that Anthony Keith has died.

Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 183 - Image Comics and Skybound
Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 183 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Looking out Michonne’s window at her home, a small mob has assembled to protest the defense of the soldiers. Entering Michonne’s place, Elodie calls the protestors a name before closing the door. Michonne tells her she shouldn’t do that because it will just make things worse. Elodie warns that her friends are already hearing that bad things are going to happen.

A riot has broken out and guards are attempting to keep everyone in line. Molotov cocktails, garbage cans, and more are being thrown around while the soldiers hold their riot shields.

Michonne tells Elodie to get down, diving to get her to safety as a citizen throws a garbage can at their window. She tells Elodie to run as people start to gather near her window. As they climb through, so do soldiers to stop them. Michonne elbows a man in the face before her and Elodie attempt to get to safety.

Just then. Rick Grimes, Pamela Milton, and the group arrive at The Commonwealth to witness the chaos happening. Smoke and flames are engulfing the town while Pamela curses in frustration and surprise as the issue comes to an end.

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