Teaser preview video for Fear The Walking Dead episode 414: MM 54

Alicia Clark - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Alicia Clark - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Take a look at a preview for Fear The Walking Dead showing some of the action and drama from season 4 episode 14 titled “MM 54” on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018!

With another solid episode of Fear The Walking Dead in the books, the focus of fans shifts to next week. Season 4 episode 14 of the popular zombie survival drama series is set to air on AMC to continue the story of the characters attempting to get back together.

The episode titled “MM 54” will air on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018 and should feature more of the Filthy Woman trying to eliminate the weak as well as Alicia, Luciana, John, and Strand attempting to join up with the group.

Thankfully, a teaser video for next week’s installment has been released and fans can get a taste of what is to come. Here is the video that was released on the official YouTube channel of AMC:

Here are some of the notable things that happen in the teaser video and what they might mean for the survivors:

  • A woman is digging for supplies in the box. The Filthy Woman comes behind her and stabs her in the neck, wrote on her face, and took possession of her as a walker. For accepting the help from the box, she likely believes she is weak like the others she killed.
  • Alicia says her and Charlie need to keep moving. After not getting picked up, they probably realize something is wrong with their group.
  • The group is on foot, meaning the damage done to the truck by the Filthy Woman in Al’s van may have rendered it immobile.
  • The building where the group took refuge appears to have a massive number of the undead inside, putting all the survivors in danger.
  • Morgan and June are on the roof of the building, likely as a last-ditch effort to get away from the undead.

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What from the teaser video has you the most excited or nervous for season 4 episode 14 of Fear The Walking Dead? And what do you think will happen in “MM 54”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!