Fear The Walking Dead 413: Best fan reactions to Blackjack

Danay Garcia as Luciana - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Danay Garcia as Luciana - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Fans this week were excited to see John Dorie again and had some big reactions to that tense ending. Here’s what fans had to say about this week’s Fear The Walking Dead

There was a lot going on in Fear The Walking Dead episode 413 “Blackjack” and of course fans had feelings about it all. High on the list of the things that fans were excited about was the return of John Dorie, who has quickly become a fan favorite. John and Strand were stranded by the floodwater and their run in with an alligator and John’s inspiring words about fighting for tomorrow gave fans all the feels.

Wendall and Sarah provided some fantastic comedic relief from the ongoing tension. Their interactions with Morgan “Momo” Jones are hilarious and fans have embraced the pragmatic nature of these two siblings. Wendall’s deft handling of a walker with his weaponized wheelchair also drew some good reactions from fans.

And fans also praised Luciana for finding a purpose again. She went looking for Charlie by returning to the library where she found the book that Charlie had returned to her. But instead of Charlie she found Clayton, the trucker whose semi Sarah and Wendall stole. Clayton was badly injured and didn’t have a lot of time left so Luciana went on a run to try and find him the only thing he wanted before he died – a beer.  Luciana’s growth in this episode and her touching interactions with Clayton prove that Luciana is going to bounce back from losing Nick.

And at the end of the episode the Filthy Woman, who has been stalking and taunting Morgan, comes up on the semi pushing Al’s SWAT van to its limit. She pulls up alongside them and opens up on the semi with the heavy weaponry Al installed. Here’s what fans thought of Fear The Walking Dead “Blackjack”:





And even though he was only in this one episode Clayton touched hearts and had a big impact on all of us, much like Eastman on The Walking Dead. Thanks Clayton for coming into the Fear The Walking Dead world and leaving it a little better than you found it.

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