Fear The Walking Dead: Who didn’t survive MM 54

- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead is quickly wrapping up season 4 and at least one new character won’t be making it to season 5.

Fear The Walking Dead finally revealed some important backstory about the Filthy Woman, whose name is Martha, and what might have caused her to think that walkers are the “strong” ones. In fact, her husband Hank’s death is what triggered her to become the person she is now. But it wasn’t Martha that was the biggest threat to the group in the latest Fear TWD episode “MM 54”. It was walkers.

The rest of the survivors manage to survive Martha’s attack on the semi with Al’s truck. But they had to abandon the truck when the bullets pierced gas lines. Martha survives, but she is shot.  The truck blew up, which drew walkers from miles around. Together the group of Luciana, the twins, Jim, Morgan, June, and Al ran for the safety of an abandoned hospital.

The hospital isn’t clear and they make for the roof in order to avoid walkers. The group splits up, with Al heading for the generators to try and get the power to the elevators working. If she can get the backup generators to work then the elevators can take everyone safely to the roof where they can figure out what to do next as the walkers pile up below. She does get the generators going, but she is missing and presumably fighting her way to the roof to join the others.  But not everyone made it safely to the roof unscathed. New character Jim reveals on the rooftop that he’s been bitten.

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Bye Bye Beermaker

Hopefully Jim will now share his recipes with Sarah or someone else in the group because Jim isn’t going to make it to Alexandria. While he doesn’t die in this episode of Fear The Walking Dead he did get a nasty bite and since no emergency amputations took place it’s safe to assume that Jim isn’t going to make it. Frankly it’s pretty amazing that someone like him was able to make it this long so maybe it isn’t really a surprise that he is not going to make it to season 5. That’s bad news for everyone that wanted a beer though. Being able to make beer in the apocalypse world would guarantee him a good spot in any community he wanted to join. Even though he was a pompous and annoying blowhard the man had skills that are hard to replace and he will be missed.

What About The Others

Alicia and Charlie are still looking for Morgan and the others but they did mange to find Strand and John Dorie so maybe there is hope that everyone will be reunited by the end of the season after all. But with just two episodes left this season the reunion better happen quick. Fear The Walking Dead season 4 wraps up on Sunday, September 30th and The Walking Dead season 9 premiere follows just one week later on October 7th.