Teaser video for Fear The Walking Dead episode 415: I Lose People…

Martha - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Martha - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

There looks to be a lot of action and drama in season 4 episode 15 of Fear The Walking Dead. Take a look at some clips from the upcoming episode now!

The survivors are all in bad spots heading into next week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead, with four people still left wandering the zombie apocalypse in pairs while the rest are trapped on the roof of a hospital surrounded by a massive horde of the undead.

Now, the survivors have to look for ways to get back together and escape their current situations, avoid the undead, and avoid the wrath of Martha in episode 415 on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018 in “I Lose People…”.

Fans are in for a treat, as a video showing pieces of what will happen in the upcoming episode has been released. Watch the teaser for season 4 episode 15 of Fear The Walking Dead as shared on the official YouTub channel of AMC:

Here are some key moments from the teaser video and what they might mean for the survivors going forward:

  • Jim is struggling with coming to terms with being bitten on the roof of the hospital, saying they made the mistake that put them in the situation while both he and June look at Morgan, as he attempts to figure out how to get off the roof.
  • Shots are being fired at Alicia and Charlie, who is now wearing John Dorie’s hat they found at the river. It is revealed to be Martha. Alicia says the worst possible thing they could say to the wounded woman: “We can help you”.
  • Using the radio, June is organizing a meetup for the group in case they get split up while escaping the hospital. Having a plan is ALWAYS good.
  • Walkers are the focus of this episode preview, with the undead crashing through glass and continuing to march toward the hospital.
  • Charlie is in a vehicle with Wendell, meaning the groups did meet up. However, the truck is surrounded by walkers, so not all is great.
  • An elevator door opens revealing the survivors. Apparently, Morgan’s plan to use a freight elevator was effective!

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This episode should be full of action and drama to set up the big season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead in two weeks. However, the survivors might not all make it to that episode considering all the danger in this video. Let us know what you think in the comments below.