Fear The Walking Dead picks up a staggering ratings increase for Weak

Maggie Grace as Althea, Jenna Elfman as Naomi - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Maggie Grace as Althea, Jenna Elfman as Naomi - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

An impressive fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead continues to have strong extended ratings and recently picked up a massive increase in delayed views.

Certain outlets who have been decrying the ratings of Fear The Walking Dead so far might need to adjust their numbers. The most recent extended viewing data available, which is for Colman Domingo’s directorial debut episode 412 “Weak” had a respectable 1.52 million live views when it aired on September 2nd.

But once the live+7 views were counted the episode picked up a truly staggering 81% increase in views.  Fear The Walking Dead “Weak” picked up a mammoth 1.24 million views in the 7 days following the original airing. That means the total views for “Weak” topped out at 2.76 million views and nearly the entire gain percentage was in the important 18-49 demographic.

Colman Domingo’s first foray into directing the show was a smash hit with fans and reunited June and Althea with Morgan and Luciana while also setting the stage for the group’s run-in with Martha the “Filthy Woman”.

Fear The Walking Dead has consistently been the highest rated scripted drama on Sunday nights, solidifying AMC’s hold on the top of the scripted drama ratings. The Walking Dead also consistently is the highest rated scripted drama on Sunday nights during its regular season.

Talking Dead, back in its usual time slot directly following the episode, bounced back from a series low earlier in the summer to finish 39th overall for the night with 623,000 live views. Talking Dead’s lowest point was after Fear The Walking Dead episode 410, “Close Your Eyes” when the aftershow was 100th overall for the night with a disappointing 411,000 viewers.

“Close Your Eyes” Extended Views

The Fear The Walking Dead Alicia and Charlie bottle episode “Close Your Eyes” which was very popular with fans had 1.86 million live views on August 19th and in live+7 views, it picked up an impressive 1.15 million views for a total increase of 62% and 3 million views overall.

While those were the only episodes that live+7 data was available for the average increase of a million views in extended ratings is more than enough to put to rest the idea that Fear’s ratings are “tanking”. Fear The Walking Dead’s fourth season has been the best season so far and has given the show a new direction, new look, and new worlds to explore.

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While the losses of Madison Clark and Nick Clark have been devastating for fans as well for the cast members who miss Frank Dillane and Kim Dickens the show has never been stronger heading into season 5. There are just two episodes left of Fear The Walking Dead for this season and then The Walking Dead is back with the season 9 premiere on October 7th.