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We’re one episode away from the Fear the Walking Dead season finale and “I Lose People…” took things up a notch. Here’s your recap.

Morgan looks over the edge of the roof and June calls Al on the radio. Jim thinks she could be dead and Wendell and Sarah criticize him for his attitude in spite of the bite. June is convinced they will find her but Morgan isn’t so sure anymore. She reminds him that he’s still helpful and they all need to stick together.

Alicia and Charlie call to Strand and John. John can’t believe they found them, and Strand admits John might have been right about needing to believe. As they stand there June calls through and Alicia tells her the good news about finding the others. Morgan gets on the radio and tells her he can’t reveal their location on the radio but they’re stuck. She tells him that she tried to be the person he told her to be. She tells them to stay put while she helps Strand and John. He tells her to be careful and to report back. When they finish the conversation June asks how they’re getting off the roo.

Credits: The city looms in the distance. It’s dark now and there is a car in the foreground with its lights and alarm going off.

Strand and John watch as the gator claims another victim. John isn’t sure the girls will be back because there’s no way to get out, but Strand is holding out hope. Now it looks like John is where Strand once was, but he needs to hold out hope. John is tired and he put everything out there. He wants to get off the island again but isn’t sure he can. Strand reminds him of what Charlie did to Alicia, and yet they’re working together. That’s proof that anything can happen.

Alicia and Charlie set out to find a boat of some kind. They need a boat because of the gators.

Martha the filthy woman consults a map. She’s bleeding and she applies a compress before setting out again.

Jim looks over the edge of the building.He gets on the ledge and stands there looking at the walkers below but he can’t jump. Morgan tells him to stop, but Jim says he’s going to pee on them because that’s the worst thing he can come up with. He tells Morgan that he’s only coming over to him because he feels bad for what happened. Morgan is going to try finding Al, and he could use help. Jim’s not worried about going. Sarah sees Morgan leaving and she is after his beer recipe. She says they might not see him again and that he’s an ass, but he makes good beer. Jim agrees that the beer is great, but he’s not giving it to her. She walks away.

Alcia and Charlie come across a boat on top of a car. Martha shoots at them and says she is going to make them strong. They broke her chain. Alicia offers her help because she’s hurt, but she claims to not need help. Then she passes right out. Alicia knocks her gun away and Charlie says she’s the woman on the walkie.

The elevator doors open and the group, minus Jim, come into the hallway. There are no walkers to be seen and none come out when Morgan taps his staff. They decide to make a loop of the floor and they find that the halls are empty. They spot a collapsed ceiling, which might be blocking the walkers. The group continues to the generator room and find dead walkers all over, which is a sign that Al has been busy.

Inside the generator room it’s empty, but Luciana finds a message. Al is alive and heading to the freight elevator because her walkie died. She wants them to find her tapes if they find her dead, and she tells them to take care of the Filthy Woman.

John thinks his wound is going to get infected so Strand pours alcohol on it. They hear a noise and see the SWAT van come out of the woods and into the water. It’s Alicia and Charlie. Strand takes a drink, declaring it cocktail hour. He offers the bottle to John, who drinks as well. Alicia opens the door and says they were looking for a boat but found this.

John greets Charlie, who smiles and gives him his hat. He’s glad she’s talking. Strand asks if Alicia is ok. He spots Martha all tied up.

Morgan has a way to the freight elevator. He tells them how to go, but he needs to clear the walkers outside so they have a path. He sees it as his duty since he got them there. They don’t want to leave him but he promises to try to find them.

On the roof Morgan draws a walker out and Jim asks if he killed everyone else. Morgan ignores him, saying they have work to do.

Strand and John watch Martha. John calls to Morgan and tells him they can talk now. June answers. She’s relieved he’s ok. He admits his side opened up again and asks how she and Al are. They’re both very happy to talk to each other, and he tells her he ate her candy. They’re heading to them now. When they get to the ground floor the place is crawling with walkers.

Martha wakes up and sees Strand and John. She panics when she sees that she’s tied up. Alicia says she wanted to leave her on the side of the road and Charlie says she would have died. Alicia says she can thank Morgan, but Martha just laughs. Strand frowns at her odd behavior.

On the roof Morgan works on his plan while Jim watches. He’s not interested in helping. Morgan swings the walker body over the roof and onto a car. The alarm goes off (Hey! The opening credits!) and they get out. Morgan says he can’t go because the power is out. He looks at Jim and says he has to make up for things. The alarm shuts off and the walkers come back. He’s trying to make up for something, but there’s no time for conversation. They have to leave. They take an ambulance and drive off.

Jim tells Morgan that he’s off the hook with the rest of the group. He thinks Morgan stayed on the roof because it’s a surefire answer. Death is easier than dealing with everything. Jim isn’t doing well. He asks Morgan for a favor, to kill him before he turns. June radios to him and says they’re getting her off the roof. They won’t leave him behind. Morgan insists he will find his own way out. John gets on the radio and says he won’t leave his friend. John says he was on an island this morning, then the SWAT van got him, then he stitched up the Filthy Woman. They all get on their radios and tell him they aren’t leaving. Below them they have a fire truck to get him down. The Filthy Woman warns Luciana that this won’t end well.

The ladder is shy by a few stories. Morgan uses the window washers’ rope to get down. He tells Jim that he’s leaving and he can’t leave Jim there. Jim says there’s nothing he can do for him. He tells him to go. Morgan apologizes. Jim says he should be sorry. But he should go.

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Below, the group watches as Morgan climbs down. A walker breaks the glass and attacks. John shoots him. The shot calls out the other walkers but Luciana and Alicia work to clear them. They’re clearing them out but there isn’t much time. They watch as Morgan jumps from the building to the rig. He makes it and they bring him down. As they lower him he looks back up at Jim. John calls everyone back to the fire truck. Now they’re stuck on the truck. Wendell and Charlie are in the cab. They’re surrounded.

Morgan decides to draw them out so they can get to the van. Jim says that he can fix this. He says Morgan told him he can choose how to go. He gives the recipe to Sarah. They all smile, even though not everyone knows who he is. He whispers something over the radio to Sarah and she smiles, then he says to add love.

Jim closes his eyes and he jumps.

The alarm blares and the walkers leave. When they get to the van Martha is gone. Charlie says they should look for her but they’re leaving. They get into the van and drive off. Luciana asks if they really can make his beer. Sarah wants to give it a name that means something. Jimbo’s Beer Bos. Morgan says he’d hate that.

John and June hold hands. They ask where they’re going. Morgan says that he told Jim about Virginia and he’s not going to make it but they can. They think they should find Al and make their way to Virginia together.

Martha writes a message on Jim’s face. He starts to turn and he looks at her. She pierces him through the throat and tells him he’s strong now. “Let’s go make him strong, too.”

The season finale of Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday, September 30.