Sales of The Walking Dead: The Final Season from Telltale put on hold

The Walking Dead: The Final Season title screen - Telltale Games and Skybound
The Walking Dead: The Final Season title screen - Telltale Games and Skybound /

Telltale Games has put sales of The Walking Dead: The Final Season on hold until it can figure out a way to complete the game after massive layoffs.

For a while now, Telltale Games has been dealing with some huge problems in their business structure. However, fans continued to enjoy their games based on The Walking Dead franchise and even became endeared to Clementine, the heroine of the series.

Sadly, massive layoffs hit the company and many of their upcoming titles were canceled. By that time, The Walking Dead: The Final Season had been released and four episodes of the season had been scheduled.

Now, the future of those episodes is in danger and digital sales of the game have been put on hold because the company is looking for a way to complete their obligations with episode 3 and 4.

In a statement obtained by The Verge, a spokesperson for Telltale Games said the company isn’t forgetting about the game even though they aren’t quite sure how they are going to complete it right now.

"“We’re currently still working to find a way to hand off production of episodes 3 and 4 so that the season can be completed. The outcome of those efforts will determine when and how The Final Season returns to stores. We hope to have a firm announcement before the end of the week. For now, we apologize for any inconvenience.”"

The good news is that the Aug. 14 release of the game and the download of Episode 2 titled “Suffer The Children” went off without a hitch on Sept. 25 for those who have already purchased the game. However. the announced release dates of Nov. 6 for Episode 3 and Dec. 18 for Episode 4 might not stick and those who haven’t bought the game may not get to play those episodes…at least not for now.

The GoG page of Telltale Games states that the game creator has requested that digital sales of the game be put on hold for the time being until the situation gets sorted out, and that is evidenced by the lack of ability to purchase the game or the season pass on Steam, Microsoft/Xbox, and the PlayStation Store.

Telltale Games will need to find a way to produce those final episodes if they want to finish the story and get this game back onto the marketplace…and fans will need to be patient in the meantime.

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While The Walking Dead: The Final Season will mark the end of Clementine in the franchise, there is also a good chance it could be the end of the series from Telltale Games unless the company can find a way to rise from its current state for a future release. For now, let’s just hope the last two episodes of The Final Season gets made so fans have some closure.