Angela Kang confirms the return of some old friends to The Walking Dead

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh -The Walking Dead Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh -The Walking Dead Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

At NYCC The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang confirmed that some beloved faces from the past will be reappearing in season 9.

The cast and crew of The Walking Dead are at NYCC this weekend ahead of the season premiere of The Walking Dead and they are addressing some rumors and speculation about the upcoming season 9. Speaking on the panel at NYCC Saturday night new showrunner Angela Kang confirmed rumors that Jon Bernthal had been spotted on the set of The Walking Dead earlier in the filming season.

Not only will Jon Bernthal be back as Shane, but Scott Wilson is also back as Hershel and Sonequa Martin-Green return as Sasha. Will there be other faces from the past that appear? Anything is possible at this point since it’s unclear whether Rick will be killed off or if the story will simply veer off and go on without Rick Grimes.

Fans are hoping that Rick’s story is left open-ended so that Andy Lincoln could reappear as the iconic sheriff later on it the show’s run. Andy Lincoln is set to depart the show in before the mid-season hiatus in season 9 so when The Walking Dead season 9 premiers on Sunday it will start the clock on Andy’s final episodes playing Rick Grimes. At least, for now. It’s hard to imagine the show going on without Rick Grimes but Angela Kang has laid the groundwork for a season that revitalizes and reboots the story to keep it moving forward.

Hershel’s Return

It’s possible that Scott Wilson’s return has nothing to do with Rick. Hershel’s return could be related to Maggie and his grandson that bears his name. It would be healing for fans to see Hershel in some way connected to Maggie and Baby Hershel.

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But Hershel and Rick also had a very close relationship. And it would make sense that if Rick does die he would possibly hallucinate his best friend Shane and his mentor Hershel as he dies. Or maybe he sees them in another context if he is kidnapped or injured. There are so many possibilities. But regardless of how it happens, to see these beloved characters return will be just one more reason to love The Walking Dead season 9.