Andrew Lincoln says Samantha Morton is terrifying as Alpha on The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

The next Big Bad on The Walking Dead isn’t going to be like anything fans have seen before and she’s already scaring the cast and crew.

The Whisperers are coming to The Walking Dead and fans are probably not ready for just how terrifying they are going to be. According to Digital Spy, who got some intel on The Whisperers leader Alpha at NYCC, the first female villain on The Walking Dead is absolutely terrifying.  Andrew Lincoln said of Samantha Morton’s performance as Alpha:

"“She’s scared the bejeezus out of all of the crew, actually. Someone was doing an impersonation of a scene that she did, and even that scared me… I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s really scary.'”"

The Whisperers were seen already at the very end of The Walking Dead season 9 trailer that was released at SDCC over the summer. At the very end of the trailer, it appears that Eugene and Rosita are running from a herd of walkers. As they hide in a ditch, covered in mud to disguise themselves, from the walkers around them a human voice can be heard saying “Where are they?” in moans and snarls that mimic the moans and snarls of the walkers.

Earlier in the summer, it was announced that Emmy and Academy Award-nominated English actress Samantha Morton would be playing the leader of The Whisperers, Alpha. It was also announced that Sons of Anarchy fan favorite Ryan Hurst would be playing Alpha’s second in command, Beta. Fans were thrilled with the casting news and are both anxious and excited to see The Whisperers with those two in charge.

The Whisperers

The Whisperers are unlike any group that has shown up in The Walking Dead universe before. The Whisperers are cult-like and believe that walkers are simply another phase in the evolution of the species. They have a strange hierarchical society and they are nomads that move around in and around walker herds. They wear the skins of the dead as bodysuits and the faces of the dead as masks so that they can move among the walkers safely. They also speak in slow-paced whispers, snarls, and moans like walkers.

Just the little bit that fans have seen of The Walkers in The Walking Dead official trailer was scary, and The Whisperers may well be the most terrifying villains that have ever been seen on The Walking Dead. Since the walkers have had a bit of an upgrade this season and in appearance are even scarier than they were in previous seasons it’s safe to assume that The Whisperers are going to be extremely unsettling in both appearance and in action.

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In The Walking Dead comic The Whisperers are responsible for some pretty major deaths so it will be interesting to see how closely the show mirrors the comic once The Whisperers arrive. But if Samantha Morton is already scaring the cast and crew it will be very exciting to see how fans react to Alpha.