The Walking Dead goes Game of Thrones with Aaron

It looks like The Walking Dead is stealing a page from Game of Thrones as Aaron goes full on Jaime Lannister in “Who Are You Now?”

With all of the attention on Rick Grimes leaving The Walking Dead there hasn’t been time for an update on poor Aaron, who lost his arm in an accident in “The Bridge.” With the amputation right above his elbow, filming Ross Marquand poses a challenge. Fortunately, The Walking Dead came stole a page from Game of Thrones and gave Aaron a fake arm to save on those pesky CGI costs.

Aaron lost his arm in an unfortunate accident at the bridge construction site after a herd of walkers came through and caught everyone off guard. Aaron’s arm was crushed, and Enid’s only option was to amputate the arm above the elbow in order to save his life.

In “Who Are You Now” Aaron has a rudimentary prosthetic arm that looks like it’s right out of the Game of Thrones universe. It looks to be made from leather and pieces of metal and though he can’t move his metal hand it probably helps him to carry things. Since so much time has passed Aaron looks very comfortable with his metal hand so he has probably had it for a while. But there’s no denying the resemblance of Aaron’s hand to the metal hand of Game of Thrones’ Jaime Lannister.

The upside of the prosthetic arm is that the show won’t have to edit out his arm for the rest of the season, as the CGI can be costly. (Remember Michonne’s deer?) This is the same technique that GoT showrunners used after Jaime Lannister lost his hand in the Game of Thrones episode “Walk of Punishment” at the command of one of the Boltons.

This isn’t the first time The Walking Dead has featured prosthetic limbs. Daryl’s brother Merle Dixon showed up with a tricked out prosthetic arm equipped with a bayonet. Michael Rooker sold the heck out of his bayonet hand and he might even say that Merle liked his new appendage better than his old one. With young Gracie to care for, Aaron opted for the child-friendly model rather than Merle’s utilitarian version.

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There’s no question that fans will eventually see Aaron sans arm, but the addition of the prosthetic will make it a lot easier to film on a regular basis and that’s probably for the best. Save the CGI money for cool walker kills.

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