Memorable scene from The Walking Dead 907: Learning to trust again

While Henry gained a new friend in Daryl, Michonne struggled to accept Magna and her group. That is until walkers emerge and she decides to trust again on The Walking Dead.

The moment Michonne met Magna and her group on The Walking Dead she couldn’t trust them. She provided no valid reason for her caution however the scar on her back may be evidence as to why. When she finally did decide to help them, she and Siddiq began the journey to The Hilltop.

The quiet journey didn’t last long for after Magna and her group discovered the area overrun with walkers, they begged Michonne for their confiscated weapons back. Her walls finally came down making this scene of true teamwork this week’s most memorable moment.

Michonne remained ever watchful of the group as they make their journey to The Hilltop. However, when they found themselves surrounded by walkers they used anything at their disposal for weapons.

In the beginning, Michonne refused to hand the weapons back, she spotted a walker that matched the description of one of Magna’s fallen friends, Bernie. Realizing that the story was true and that the group is nothing more than people trying to survive like herself, they worked together to clear the area and escape. With their weapons in hand, the group fought off the walkers using their skills which included the use of slingshots and bows and arrows.

Even though the reasons Michonne did not trust Magna and her group at first remains vaguely explained, this moment is a step forward for her. In seasons past, Michonne has been one to trust her gut. She knew The Governor was bad news and knew Alexandria could be a safe home for her family. Since Rick’s death, audiences have no idea what happened to her personally. Something had to have happened for her to remain so guarded.


Danai Gurira as Michonne, Nadia Hilker as Magna, Avi Nash as Siddiq – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

It could be because of her new position, could be because now she is raising two children alone, and could be because something horrible did happen. Regardless her ability to finally open her eyes and take a chance spoke volumes in this spectacular episode titled “Stradivarius”. She is becoming her old self again who is willing to allow new people to enter her life and take chances again.

Does this mean she will become friendlier and more open about herself with them? Possibly. By sending them to The Hilltop she can still ensure they are watched and receive reports on them. While at the same time they will be at a home base of sorts around others Michonne considers her family. If Magna and her group continue to prove themselves worthy of living with them in peace and cooperation they may one day be allowed to return to Alexandria.

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This great mystery surrounding the scar on her and Daryl’s back may be a constant dark reminder for Michonne. With the mid-season finale airing next week, the group may become the saving grace Michonne and her friends will need in facing their next obstacle.

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