The Walking Dead what happened between Maggie and Michonne?

On The Walking Dead, something caused a major rift between Maggie and Michonne. What could have happened to drive these two old friends apart?

In The Walking Dead episode 907 titled “Stradivarius” the rough relationship between Alexandria and The Hilltop and between Maggie and Michonne that had been briefly touched on became even more evident. Michonne refused to get close to Hilltop saying that she didn’t know what Maggie would do if she saw Michonne.

Michonne didn’t even know that Maggie had left, even though it looks like Maggie has been gone from The Hilltop for awhile. And something happened that made Michonne, who never backs down from anything, not want to see Maggie. Even when Maggie wanted to kill Negan she and Michonne managed to talk it through and stay friends so whatever drove them apart must be something big.

Michonne decides she will go to The Hilltop after Siddiq tells her that Maggie is gone and after they meet messengers from The Hilltop on the road who tell them that Rosita is injured and is at The Hilltop.

But in this preview of the coming midseason finale “Evolution” when Michonne, Siddiq, Magna, and the others arrive at The Hilltop Dianne is very cold to them. She treats Michonne and Siddiq almost as if they are strangers. And all of the group, including Michonne and Siddiq, need to give up their weapons to come inside. Why would Dianne treat Michonne and Siddiq like that?

The X’s

It was revealed in The Walking Dead “Stradivarius” that Daryl has an X scar just like Michonne’s. While we don’t know yet what those scars are from or what they mean the scars combined with Michonne’s statements in 906 indicating that Alexandria isn’t going to be taking in people anymore indicates that possibly Alexandria took in the wrong people and ended up having to fight off an attempt to seize control of the community. Obviously, the Alexandrians won, but those scars could indicate that it was a tough victory.

And since Daryl also has a scar he probably returned to Alexandria after Rick’s disappearance and not to The Hilltop where he had been keeping on eye on Maggie and baby Hershel. There were no other groups in the area around the time of the end of All Out War but that doesn’t mean that new groups couldn’t have wandered in during the long years of the time jump after Rick went missing and was presumed dead.

Or possibly when The Sanctuary fell apart because they couldn’t survive on their own the communities divided up the workers who were there and The Saviors too. It’s entirely plausible to think that the communities would take in the workers, but would they have taken in The Saviors knowing Negan was imprisoned in Alexandria? If they did The Saviors may have tried to pull off a revolution and free Negan resulting in the scars and in Alexandria’s policy to not take in anyone.

But that still doesn’t explain what could have driven Maggie and Michonne apart. These two friends have been through years of struggle and survival and failure and triumph together. Both lost the loves of their lives and both had sons after their spouses had died. Maggie and Michonne should have been closer than ever. They were hugging each other after Maggie decided to let Negan live.


There have been a lot of emotional moments in The Walking Dead season 9 but it’s very difficult to see Michonne cut off from The Hilltop and the people there like Tara, Jesus, and Enid. The strength of the survivors has always come from each other.

As Rick said long ago in season 5, they survive by pulling together, not apart. But Alexandria and The Hilltop have been pulled apart. Can they be put back together again? Rick and Carl would not want them to be divided and they would not want Maggie and Michonne to be on the outs with each other. Families fight, but they always love each other. Team Family needs to come back together.

The New Threat

There’s a new threat on the horizon that could spell destruction for all the communities if they don’t find a way to work together so whatever has caused this rift the two communities and their leaders will have to put their differences aside if they want to survive.

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Since Maggie is gone The Hilltop may start to work with Michonne and Alexandria again but hopefully, some distance will give Michonne and Maggie the perspective they need to repair their friendship too. Don’t miss the midseason finale of The Walking Dead season 9 on Sunday, November 25th to find out what this new threat is that could take down all the communities.

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