Finding a home for Magna and her group on The Walking Dead

Michonne brought Magna’s group to The Hilltop in The Walking Dead episode 907 but will The Hilltop accept them if Alexandria won’t?

It’s not really clear why Michonne doesn’t want to let anyone new into Alexandria on The Walking Dead. Magna and her group have proven that they have some serious fighting skills, which is something that the communities always need. And Judith seems to trust them, which is a big point in their favor. It’s a mystery why Michonne who previously wanted to embrace strangers to honor Carl’s wishes to build a strong community doesn’t want to reach out to new people anymore.

But now that she and Siddiq have brought the new people to The Hilltop will Hilltop take them in? Diane seems less than impressed to see them in the preview clip of Sunday’s midseason finale. She doesn’t even seem that happy to see Michonne and Siddiq. So it looks like all of the communities are getting stricter about allowing people in. What happened to the mantra that people are a resource?

The Hilltop seems to be thriving so they should have plenty of resources for new people, especially new people that can fight well and help defend the community. Now that Maggie is gone and Jesus and Tara are in charge of the day to day operations will Manga and the others be welcome at Hilltop? And what happened to make the communities so closed off about bringing in new people?

In the past, they have been willing to welcome people. At times, old enemies were given a pass and allowed a clean slate, like Dwight and Jadis/Anne. But now it’s uncertain if the new group will be allowed to stay at Hilltop or if they will have to try their luck at The Kingdom.

How Many Communities Are Out There?

It’s possible other communities have sprung up during the six-year jump that haven’t been revealed yet. The Sanctuary is gone, and it looks like Carol took care of the few remaining Saviors that are out there. But the workers must have gone somewhere after The Sanctuary fell so it’s possible they created a new community or that they joined the other three communities if they were allowed in. Savior Laura is on the council of Alexandria so some of The Saviors must have been taken in by others.

Georgie is out there somewhere with Maggie and she can’t be too far away because the twins regularly bring letters from Maggie to The Hilltop. And Georgie mentioned the first time that she appeared that she gives her knowledge out to other communities in exchange for things. For that reason, there must have been other communities in the area at one time.

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If what happened at Alexandria that made Michonne mistrust strangers was because of another community then The Hilltop should be glad to take in Magna and her crew who have great fighting skills. The Walking Dead season 9 midseason finale on Sunday should provide some answers about what will happen to Magna and her group and if they will find a home at The Hilltop.

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