Recap of The Walking Dead comic book issue 186: The Powder Keg

The Walking Dead issue 186 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 186 - Image Comics and Skybound /

The game changed once again is issue 186 of The Walking Dead comics. Here is a full recap of events from the Dec. 2018 issue titled “The Powder Keg”.

The Walking Dead has been focusing on the events at The Commonwealth for a while now and that didn’t change in issue 186 titled The “Powder Keg”. Here is everything that happened in the Dec. 2018 issue of the popular comic book series!


The issue opens at The Hilltop, where Sophia is eating by herself. Joshua approaches her and asks if he can join her. She says it is okay and notices Carl giving her a thumbs up from a distance while eating at a picnic table and rolls her eyes at him.

At The Commonwealth, Eugene wakes up with Stephanie at the foot of the bed. She tells him to go to the kitchen while she re-pins her wig because she doesn’t want him to see her real hair. He asks why she wears a wig, and she says it just feels good.

Eugene apologizes and starts to leave but Stephanie stops him. She asks him if he wants to see her real hair. Frustrated, she pulls the wig off but Eugene just tells her she is beautiful no matter what and she looks cool without it. Stephanie smiles and says that she doesn’t wear it for him though, so he should leave and let her finish.

Eugene - The Walking Dead issue 186 - Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene – The Walking Dead issue 186 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Meanwhile, Dwight is leaving his cell and Tara is walking with him. She says he is lucky to get out at all after what he pulled. He agrees, but adds that he feels this is a cause worth fighting for. She states that she agrees the people of The Commonwealth need saving as well, even though she sees no rush to get it done.

Angered, Dwight says that people getting beaten to death in the street is something he can’t stand for but Tara feels they need a plan and they should get Rick on board before they attempt anything. He says Rick will come around.

In Michonne’s apartment, Rick and Michonne are talking about what happened. The conversations with Dwight and Mercer have her a bit surprised. She asks Rick what he’s going to do and he says he is starting to believe Dwight is right that the people would back them if they attempted to take over and the community is close to perfect other than the leadership.

Michonne is shocked to hear Rick’s words. She believes there is room for improvements but that potential has her excited. Adding to her statement, she says they need brainpower and not manpower to improve the community. She wants Rick to SHOW them a better way rather than force it upon them.

Elodie is talking with her friends at lunch. They joke that they will make it the longest lunch ever since they never see her anymore. Things get serious when they start talking about their dislike for Michonne in defending The Commonwealth as a lawyer as are concerned about her place in the community now that she moved in with her mom. Elodie is surprised to hear there are “sides” at all.

Magna is talking with Heath and Vincent. She tells them to have the militia ready at a moments notice, but they tell her that order would raise suspicions. She says trouble isn’t brewing yet, but they want everyone ready in case it does.

Saying that is the normal procedure to be ready at a moment’s notice, Heath is a bit confused. Magna replies that she just wants everyone to be a little EXTRA ready…just in case.

Leadership from The Commonwealth and Alexandria go for a walk where Pamela is treating walkers like clay pigeons. She calls out a walker and then shoots her shotgun at it, hitting the shoulder.

Maxwell praises her for her shot and she sends Mercer out to take care of the small group of walkers. He starts eliminating them and Pamela says it’s time to head back, to which Sebastian says he didn’t want to come in the first place.

Michonne asks if they should help Mercer, but Pamela says he has it under control. He finishes off the final two walkers and returns to the group.

Back at The Commonwealth, Rick and Dwight approach Mercer in the locker room. He’s taking off his gear as they ask him about what just happened. Mercer explains that is their idea of a hunting party and she does it to keep up appearances in the community.

Rick, Dwight, and Mercer - The Walking Dead issue 186 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick, Dwight, and Mercer – The Walking Dead issue 186 – Image Comics and Skybound /

While Dwight is angry that the entire thing was just for show, Mercer says that just about everything in the community is that way and it is overdue for a change.

Michonne calls Dwight and Rick to her apartment, hoping to cool them both off. Instead, Dwight points out her comfortable position for her and her daughter and how that helps her overlook everything that is going on there. Rick says they all agree that changes need to be made there, but they each have different ideas on how to get it done.

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In a surprising moment, Michonne reveals that she invited Pamela to the meeting and she overheard everything. With two guards by her side, she enters and says she is glad to hear that Rick is on the same page but insists that Dwight leave. Michonne is upset she didn’t come alone to talk things out, but Pamela says she would never do that with people colluding against her.

Dwight isn’t surprised and believes that Michonne is on “their” side. He says they could never talk things out because every positive outcome would have the current leadership removed from power. Pamela says she always has the best intentions of the people in mind when making decisions and takes her job seriously.

Now screaming at the top of his lungs, Dwight calls out her B.S. Immediately, Pamela orders the arrest of Dwight once again and the guards start to approach him. Pulling out his pistol, he points it directly at Pamela and tells everyone to step back. Rick orders him to step down, but Dwight says he can’t do that.

Just then, a bullet goes through Dwight’s head and it is revealed that Rick pulled the trigger. Pamela thanks him, adding that she will send someone up to clean the mess as her and the soldiers leave.

At The Commonwealth morgue, Tara is crying over Dwight’s dead body. Michonne is watching as Rick approaches and blames the entire incident on her for setting up an ambush. He adds that he was handling Dwight and she should have trusted his ability to do so. He says he’ll never forgive her for forcing him to do what he did.

Tara, Rick, and Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 186 - Image Comics and Skybound
Tara, Rick, and Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 186 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Michonne screams back at him, saying that his and her actions saved a war from happening and Dwight was a loose cannon. Rick looks back at her, and questions as to whether not he saved a war or just joined the wrong side of one as the issue comes to an end.

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