New Fear the Walking Dead crossover could explain TWD past

Austin Amelio as Dwight - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Austin Amelio as Dwight - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Reports that The Walking Dead’s Austin Amelio is crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead could mean details about the TWD past.

Ever since The Walking Dead jumped ahead in the timeline fans have wondered whether we would ever learn what happened during that time period. We’ve speculated that a big possibility could be that the time to learn about The Walking Dead’s past could come in the Fear the Walking Dead’s present timeline, and now that Austin Amelio is reportedly crossing over to Fear that could be a distinct possibility.

According to Comic Book’s Brandon Davis, The Walking Dead alum Austin Amelio is reportedly coming to Fear the Walking Dead in season 5, joining fellow TWD alum Lennie James. Dwight’s arrival on Fear opens up a world of possibilities for The Walking Dead’s companion show, especially given how it wrapped up its fourth season.

The last time we saw Amelio’s Dwight was when Daryl exiled him from Alexandria at the end of season 8. Since then, The Walking Dead has been through two time jumps totaling a span of about 8 years.

Fear the Walking Dead’s timeline, however, remains linked to the period of time following All Out War, and so Morgan and Dwight would have been leaving Alexandria at about the same time. Whether the Fear group encounters Dwight on one of their missions, or if he finds them, remains to be seen.

We’ve talked before about how The Walking Dead’s past will be revealed, if at all, and it seems like this crossover might be part of the answer. Dwight might have been exiled from Alexandria, but that doesn’t mean he left the area right away. He might have gone to another community for a while, or remained in the area to find Sherry. (In fact, Dwight could show up in Texas with Sherry)

Dwight’s arrival on the show could reveal what happened in the span of the first 18-month time jump on The Walking Dead, assuming he didn’t leave right away. And those will be interesting tidbits to learn if that’s the case.

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Fear the Walking Dead is currently at work filming season 5 with no premiere date set as of this writing.