The Walking Dead: Ominous new teaser shows Alpha and Beta

- The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
- The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Another teaser for The Walking Dead season 9B shows The Whisperers have been watching the communities and shows Alpha and Beta.

The Walking Dead season 9B premiere is just one month away and today another new teaser dropped. The creepy trailer shows that Alpha and The Whisperers have been watching Alexandria and The Hilltop and already are well aware of the existence of the other survivors. That means they probably didn’t come across Eugene and Rosita by accident.

The teaser also reveals Beta, who previously was only seen for a second in the longer sneak peak trailer that was released after the season 9A midseason finale. Beta’s physical size dwarfs Alpha, but her cunning and his sheer brute strength make them a formidable pair. Also in the trailer are some of The Whisperers who are heavily armed underneath their walker skin masks and blood covered clothing. It looks like Alpha, Beta, and the small group of Whisperers are standing outside of The Hilltop gates. Watch the trailer:

The teaser heightens the anticipation to learn more about The Whisperers and what their intentions are. It’s unlikely they want to take over the communities or take from them, like Negan did, because they don’t believe in centralized communities or building a civilization the way that the other survivors do. They’re not looking to settle down or grow crops and they find safety by being among the walkers not hiding from them behind gates and walls.

A Fight For Territory

In the comics The Whisperers object to the survivors crossing what they see as their territory. There are a few hints that have been dropped that the show might be following that part of The Whisperers storyline. In the teaser above Alpha says that the survivors are where they don’t belong. It’s possible that Alpha, Beta, and the small group are going to confront Hilltop over what they see as a boundary crossing.

Or possibly Magna and her crew strayed into Whisperer territory and it was The Whisperers disguised as walkers who were following Magna and her group. If that’s the case then they would have tracked the group to Alexandria and then to The Hilltop.

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Why Alpha, Beta, and The Whisperers are approaching the communities now will be revealed when The Walking Dead returns on February 10th.