Diane the Emu leaves gifts for Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The story of rescued soulmates Jack and Diane by The Walking Dead star was heartwarming enough, and now Diane has left a few tokens of gratitude.

The saga of Diane the Emu and Jack the Donkey continue at the Jeffrey Dean Morgan farm in New York. Now that Diane has settled in she left a few presents for her new caretaker, and from the look of it he was thrilled by it.

Morgan posted pictures on Sunday morning of three eggs that Diane left in her heated enclosure.

Emu eggs are quite large, though not as massive as ostrich eggs. Given that Diane isn’t around a male emu, the eggs haven’t been fertilized. But they are a good sign that she’s settling in nicely and feels comfortable enough to lay some eggs to prove it.

Back in early December Morgan’s farm became the permanent home to Diane, an emu, and Jack, a donkey. The bonded pair needed a new home and couldn’t bear to be separated, and their rescuers were thrilled when Morgan heard the call and invited them to stay on his sprawling farm. Morgan, as fans know, has a soft spot for donkeys and so there was no question that Jack would fit in just fine.

Upon their arrival, Morgan immediately made sure that Jack and Diane were comfortable, posting on his Instagram account that he needed to make Diane a warmer home to get through the chilly nights, but aside from that the duo was doing nicely.

Diane tends to run the show, he said, and watching her has been entertaining to say the least. He even noted that the pair has their own language, but they’re willing to let him in on it:

Morgan’s farm is home to all kinds of animals. Whenever he returns from filming he usually shares a photo with Paxton, a young donkey born on the farm that has decided that Morgan is his absolute best friend in the world.

For more pictures from Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s farm, be sure to follow his social media accounts. There’s nothing cuter than seeing him with his animal friends, his family and his costars.

And be sure to catch Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he returns as the villainous Negan on The Walking Dead on February 10, 2019.