The Walking Dead Studio Tour: A Superfan’s Dream

Inside the Alexandria-Safe Zone set. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp)
Inside the Alexandria-Safe Zone set. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp) /
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Nic and Norman’s restaurant in Downtown Senoia. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp)
Nic and Norman’s restaurant in Downtown Senoia. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp) /

What to see in Senoia

For starters, Main Street in Downtown Senoia is also the set that was used for Woodbury in Season 3 and briefly in Season 4. Walking past the various shops makes you feel as if you’ll turn a corner and run into The Governor or Milton. There are a ton of smaller filming locations just within these few blocks that you can recognize and take photos at. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in Downtown Senoia that are not even related to the show that are totally worth checking out also.

A place all fans must stop at is Nic and Norman’s, located on Main Street. If you’re not aware, this restaurant is owned by Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero. It’s a charming place to get a bite to eat while on break from exploring all that Senoia has to offer. Inside, you’ll find photographs taken by Norman Reedus, including several featuring famous faces from the show. The food is delicious, and you might just want to stop by more than once just to try out more of the extensive menu. You also have the opportunity to shop for some Nic and Norman’s merchandise before heading back out on the town.

Another place fans should absolutely check out is the Woodbury Shoppe, also located on Main Street. There is more The Walking Dead merchandise than you have or will ever see in your life, including some exclusives that you can only get at this store. Want a cardboard cutout of Glenn? They have that. A Lucille lamp? They have that too. On the lower level of the store is a whole museum, featuring actual props that were used in various seasons of the show. You can actually step foot inside a prison cell and also marvel at Daryl/Merle’s original motorcycle from the early seasons. On the walls are signatures from nearly every cast member that has stopped by to relive memories from their own show.

Outside of Alexandria’s walls. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp)
Outside of Alexandria’s walls. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp) /

Senoia itself is home to numerous filming locations aside from Woodbury. Opposite Main Street is Alexandria, and you can actually walk fairly close to the walls and take some amazing photos. From outside the walls, you can actually see some important pieces of the set, including the windmill, the church, and the brownstones. Standing within throwing distance of the walls makes you feel like a survivor of the apocalypse who has finally found safety in this stunning community. Other notable filming locations within walking distance include portions of the Terminus train tracks, Carl’s pudding house, and the site where Enid’s parents were devoured by walkers in her flashback.

If you really wanting to find more filming locations, just driving around the area might allow you to stumble onto a road or building that has been used in the nine seasons. In nearly every direction are towns that contain countless small and large spots that have been featured in the show. Eagle-eyed viewers will have a blast picking out these environments. This is something that can eat up a lot of time, but it is totally recommended if filming locations are something you’re interested in.

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