The Walking Dead panel weighs in on the scariest villain

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead season 9B introduces a new threat that may be the scariest the survivors have faced. Our panel discusses who the scariest villain in TWD world is.

In The Walking Dead world the villains get worse as the seasons go by. That makes sense, in the context of that world. The more time goes by the more desperate people get and the more willing people are to do things that they wouldn’t have done at the time of the outbreak. The Terminus cannibals probably wouldn’t have ever imagined they’d end up luring people to their compound and then killing them and eating them.

The Walking Dead fans have seen villains with mental health issues like the Governor. And they’ve seen people who have dealt with trauma by becoming even worse than the people that traumatized them like the Terminus bunch. There’s also been villains like the group at Grady Memorial who are villains yet believe they doing what is right.

Then there’s Negan and the Saviors, who did terrible things under the illusion that they were saving people. At least Negan did have a method to his madness and a purpose to his violence. Fans saw how fast things at Sanctuary disintegrated when they believed Negan was dead. And they saw how Negan’s brutal rules did keep some very bad people from going rogue.

But the latest villains, the Whisperers, have no redeeming good qualities to balance out their evil. They kill for the love of it. They’re predators. They also control a massive army of walkers. Does that boost the Whisperers to the top spot when it comes to villains on The Walking Dead? That’s what our panel sat down to discuss recently.

Who Is The Worst Villain On The Walking Dead

Are the Whisperers the scariest villains so far?

Sonya says:

"I absolutely think the Whisperers are the most terrifying villains ever seen on The Walking Dead. The villains in the past have been saving people, or protecting their own people, or they had some underlying purpose that made them fight. The Whisperers are just predators. They don’t believe in anything or have any humanity and they can control thousands and thousands of walkers. The are going to be terrifying and totally thrilling."

Sara says:

"The Whisperers are without a doubt the scariest villians we have seen on the show."

Jeffrey says:

"At this moment, I would say the Whisperers are the scariest villains we’ve faced. Their unpredictability matched with their ability to hid in plain sight among the walkers turns everything we know upside down. All of the rules our survivors have been following to keep themselves safe are out the window now."

Sarabeth says:

"We’ll see… But I am thinking that it must be the Whisperers, based on the few minutes at the end of 908."

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