Recap of The Walking Dead comic book issue 188: Falling Into Place

walkers - The Walking Dead issue 188 - Image Comics and Skybound
walkers - The Walking Dead issue 188 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in the February 2019 issue of The Walking Dead comics? Here is the full recap of events from issue 188 titled “Falling Into Place”.

Issue 188 of The Walking Dead comics was released on Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019 and continued the story of the problems at the Commonwealth as well as the fallout from a major character death in a previous issue.

This article outlines everything that happened in the issue titled “Falling Into Place” and it is highly recommended that you have read the comic or not be worried about having the events of the February installment of the comics spoiled for you.

***WARNING: Full spoilers from TWD 188 below***

The issue kicks off with Mercer in the locker room at the Commonwealth. He tells Lance Hornsby that things are going to get worse and looks for support from George, who is silent and refuses to help him. Lance says that surrender is Mercer’s best option.

Outside the Hilltop, Hershel is chasing butterflies while Maggie talks with Brianna. She says she couldn’t leave her son but Brianna reminds her that she’s more than capable of babysitting, adding that she should trust the group she sent and not worry about it so much. Maggie says her lack of trust is in Pamela Milton, and not her own people. She throws up the idea of marching troops right up to the Commonwealth, and Brianna says that if that’s what she thinks should happen, then she should make it happen.

Brianna, Maggie, and Hershel - The Walking Dead - Image Comics and Skybound
Brianna, Maggie, and Hershel – The Walking Dead – Image Comics and Skybound /

The group on horses from the Hilltop has found Princess back in the town where they first met her. Upon seeing them, she bolts into the town and they follow her on their horses. They go into an alley packed with walkers, and Jesus falls off his horse. Surrounded by walkers, he fights his best to clear a path out while Carl charges his horse through the crowd.

Walkers are about to take down Carl’s horse as Jesus tells him to jump. Leaping off his horse, Carl lands next to Jesus as the two help each other to run away. Jesus tells everyone to save themselves, but Aaron refuses and hacks at walkers with a sword.

Once there is enough of a gap, they get on their horses and attempt to retreat. Just then, several walkers drop to the ground and Princess comes out the door. She says they’ll never get away on foot and they need to find a hiding place, but they will need to leave their horses behind.

Princess says the people on horses can drive the walkers away as they do back at their communities while the others hide. Carl and Jesus run in the door while the others attempt to relocate the walker threat.

The Walking Dead issue 188 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 188 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Back at the Commonwealth, Mercer is sitting in a cell. Pamela is grilling him about loyalty and trust, saying how disappointed she is. Mercer replies that he was never anything more than an errand boy and a killing machine to the community, adding that he wasn’t going to wait around for Sebastian to take power. Pamela says he is where he belongs if that is how he truly feels.

Outside the Commonwealth, Eugene is working on the train. Stephanie and two soldiers regrettably tell him that the program has been shut down since things have taken a turn at the settlement. Eugene says he wants to keep working, but the soldier says they aren’t there to arrest him or anything, but they are needed at the Commonwealth and can no longer supervise them. Considering staying unsupervised, Eugene is being influenced by Stephanie to return with the protection.

Rick barges into Michonne’s apartment saying that they need to talk. He tells her that Mercer is in jail and she automatically starts to worry about another revolt. Rick says his attempts to stop a war inside the Commonwealth seem to be in vain and Michonne reminds him that Dwight was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. But Rick says their presence there is just escalating things and doing damage…then questions where Laura is.

In the locker room at the Commonwealth, the soldiers are talking about how crazy it is that Mercer got arrested. One individual goes up to George to ask if they’re really going to let this happen or if they will support Mercer, but George says to keep their mouths shut. As he is leaving, George comes across Laura, who was waiting outside the door in the alley.

walkers - The Walking Dead issue 188 - Image Comics and Skybound
walkers – The Walking Dead issue 188 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Back in the city, the walkers are clearing out as Carl and Jesus wait with Princess. Jesus asks her why she left, and she says it is because she knew of the trouble coming. Curious how she could just leave, Carl asks her if everything is okay or if anyone got hurt. Princess says it’s better that she leave and that she isn’t good around people.

Carl says she is wrong and that everyone needs someone. He reminds her that she just saved them and that she is actually good for people. Jesus says it has thinned out enough for them to meet up with Aaron and the others as Carl asks Princess to come with them, to which she agrees.

Aaron and Dante are in awe of the size of the group of walkers but want to get back to the road to meet up with Carl and Jesus.

The Walking Dead issue 188 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 188 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Slaying walkers, Princess daydreams of going a week without dealing with the zombies. Carl says he hopes one day to have a life where he doesn’t have to interact with them at all. The three smash their way through the remaining walkers and meet up with the rest of the group. They say they directed the horde away from the Commonwealth and toward an abandoned rail yard.

The issue ends with Eugene and Stephanie working on the train while the massive group of walkers closes in on them from between two train cars.

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That does it for issue 188 titled “Falling Into Place”. Be sure to stay connected with Undead Walking for more information about The Walking Dead comics each month. And, as always, you can pick up your copy of this issue at your local comic shop or the digital version at Comixology.