There were some close calls but no deaths in The Walking Dead 911

Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

There were no major deaths in season 9 episode 11 of The Walking Dead but we need to talk about that one very close call.

So far the Whisperers haven’t killed anyone since they killed Jesus but there was a horrifying close call in The Walking Dead 911 that fans are still talking about. Fans were shocked by Alpha’s callous order to a Whisper mother to abandon her baby and let it be killed by walkers when the baby was fussing and the mother couldn’t quiet it.

Alpha and the other Whisperers stood by as the baby’s cries started to draw the attention of the walkers that were approaching the group. They stood unconcerned as the dead crept closer.  Connie’s desperate sprint from the cornfield to retrieve the baby and her near death from the walkers in the cornstalks left fans reeling. Even by The Walking Dead standards leaving a baby to be eaten by walkers while other people stood by seemed incredibly brutal.

That scene was pivotal in understanding Alpha and the Whisperers. Alpha said that if the mother couldn’t quiet the baby the dead would and that it was natural selection. She also said that they were animals. And that is the key to understanding the mindset of the Whisperers. They live like animals in a pack roaming through the land among the dead. And, like animals, if there is a someone in the pack that is weak or sick they leave them behind without a second thought.

Lydia said while she was in the cell that her mother wouldn’t come for her and that whenever someone was taken or killed they left them as if they had never existed. And yet Alpha did come for Lydia, so maybe she hasn’t totally given up her humanity. That hair-raising scene was one of the scariest near-miss deaths the show has done.

The Kingdom’s Field Trip

Meanwhile, over at the Kingdom King Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry, Diane, and some other fighters went off on a field trip to get a projector bulb and it almost cost them some lives. The trip seemed reckless and shows that some of the survivors may be getting a little too comfortable around the walkers. How quickly they forget that Carl, who was an expert at killing walkers, died from a bite and that even the best warrior can fall to walker under the right conditions.

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It’s not the walkers that the Kingdom will have to worry about over the next few episodes though. The Whisperers will soon know about the Kingdom and the fair because Henry told Lydia all about the Kingdom including where it’s located. Since this is The Walking Dead it’s safe to assume that the Whisperers aren’t going to just ignore that information. Once the Kingdom realizes that the Whisperers are here they hopefully won’t be quite so reckless or it might end up costing them some valuable members of the community.