The Walking Dead 912 synopsis: Guardians

Matt Lintz as Henry - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Matt Lintz as Henry - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead continues with season 9 with episode 12, “Guardians.” Here’s your synopsis of the all-new episode airing March 3, 2019.

Alpha and the Whisperers may have left the Hilltop, but that doesn’t mean that they’re gone for good and in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead we see that the threat is very much alive.

They’re out there somewhere and Henry has taken it upon himself to find and rescue Lydia. Daryl and Connie go in search of him, but what will happen as they learn more about their biggest threat yet?

Here’s the episode description of The Walking Dead “Guardians” from AMC:

“While one community struggles to ease tensions that threaten to divide from within, the true nature of another group comes into focus. A mission to rescue a friend has deadly consequences.”

Though fans still have lots of questions about life in the communities post-time jump, it’s clear that all is not well, though life at the Hilltop seems to be moving forward without Jesus. The Kingdom is arranging the fair to help bring in much needed trade. And Alexandria might be a well-oiled machine but there are clear issues that need to be resolved.

Michonne’s work to keep the community safe have caused tension with the other communities as well as within her own. With Jesus gone, can they rise above their past and move forward? It’s a tough sell for Michonne, who has lost a lot already.

Obviously the immediate issue is Henry off on his own in the woods looking for Lydia. He’s more capable than most of the apocalypse kids, but he’s no match for the Whisperers, or Alpha’s right hand: Beta.

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC, followed by Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick. This week’s guests include Seth Gilliam and Christian Serratos.