Daryl’s fight for Lydia will be personal on The Walking Dead

Daryl was pushed to his limits in episode 911 of The Walking Dead when witnessing unthinkable abuse by the Whisperers. History shows there are no limits as to what he will do to protect Lydia.

Daryl has always been the ultimate survivalist, but this past Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Bounty” has brought out his protective side. Daryl has displayed compassion for Judith and other people he has grown to care about in the past but during tonight’s episode, it officially became personal for Daryl with the Whisperers and he was ready for a fight.

Daryl had second thoughts about giving Lydia up. He can relate to the abuse, and he was willing to fight. He has been in situations like this before when the Governor held Hershel and Michonne hostage and with Grady Memorial holding Beth and Carol. Both times, someone died during the stand-off.

Lydia is a far cry from Daryl’s time going out of his way for his own people. This time, he is not alone in his efforts, because Connie saved a Whisperer’s baby from the dead while Alpha seemed unphased about Connie killing walkers to save the baby.

After Lydia was found following a time-sensitive search, Daryl reunited Lydia with Alpha. He witnessed the hard slap Alpha gave Lydia when calling her “mom” instead of Alpha and seemed stunned that she was bold enough to do it while Hilltop was watching.

Samantha Morton as Alpha, Cassady McClincy as Lydia – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Daryl doesn’t always express what goes through his mind, but it can be assumed he was thinking about his own abuse as a child and what he went through with Negan as well as how no one gave him up to endure more abuse.

Henry confronted Daryl about just “living with it” and moving on. He was disturbed but still wanted to move on with life, because he had no reason to fight them. Distant and quiet, Daryl stayed calm until he saw Henry ran away to confront the Whisperers and get Lydia back.

Connie, who helped save the baby, was clearly disturbed and distant. She couldn’t live with what was happening either and decided to go with Daryl on a mission to find the Whisperers and Henry. She was visibly upset and her genuine and caring nature makes it hard to get over cruelty like what she witnessed.

With Henry being in harm’s way of the Whisperers now, Daryl has all the reason in the world to cross into their territory and fight for Lydia now.

While Daryl and Connie are going out there to find Henry, that isn’t their only motive after what each of them saw from the Whisperers. Daryl is known for taking side missions that lead to tense and dangerous confrontations. He has said many times, that he is willing to risk it, and this is no exception.

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What surprises await him as he prepares for a very personal and an emotional fight? With Daryl being emotionally charged for the sake of looking for Henry and looking to fight, it will be a dangerous confrontation. Tune in this Sunday for the newest episode of The Walking Dead to see it all unfold only on AMC.

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