The Walking Dead: Get to know Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

On The Walking Dead Samantha Morton is Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, but this award winning actress is known for her other work on and off screen.

Samantha Morton was facing some pretty big expectations from fans when she joined The Walking Dead to play Alpha. TV show fans who have read the comics knew in advance that Alpha was a fearsome villain whose unique nature would be hard to capture on screen. Samantha Morton has blown away fans, critics, and even her fellow cast members as Alpha. She captured the terrifying zealotry, commanding presence, and quiet menace perfectly and has made Alpha the scariest villain ever to come up against The Walking Dead survivors.

But Samantha Morton has a long and critically acclaimed acting character that some fans may not be familiar with. She also is an outspoken and active advocate for children. She has been nominated for Oscar twice, for the films Sweet and Lowdown, and In America. The list of awards she has been nominated for and won is almost as long as the list of her body of acting work.

She’s been nominated for two Oscars, multiple Golden Globe awards, a SAG award and dozens of other awards and has won a Golden Globe and several other prestigious awards, many of them for her work in British TV and films. But she was also in several big budget films like Minority Report and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Currently she stars in the Hulu period drama Harlots, which was renewed for a third season back in September.


In addition to being an amazing actress Samantha Morton is a staunch advocate for children. She grew up in the English foster care system and has been an active part of charitable causes designed to raise awareness of the treatment of children in foster care and in fundraisers and other events that provide help for children.


Fans of The Walking Dead who were familiar with Morton’s work were excited when it was announced that she had been cast to play Alpha because they knew that she could bring Alpha to life with the gravity that the character needed in order to fulfill the potential of the Whisperer’s story arc.

But even her castmates were floored by the power of her performance as Alpha. Andrew Lincoln called her “terrifying” when she was in character and Nadia Hilker compared Alpha to Hannibal Lecter. Now that Alpha has made her debut on the show it’s easy to see why Hilker made that comparison. Samantha Morton has given Alpha an eerie but supremely powerful presence that drips with menace even when she is talking calmly and softly.

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Samantha Morton is a world class actress who has a talent for playing female characters that aren’t the typical female characters that are written into films and TV shows. She is electrifying as Alpha. No one knows how long Alpha will be around because of course this is The Walking Dead where no one is safe but even after Alpha is gone Morton’s performance will make Alpha the scariest TWD villain ever.