The Walking Dead 912 has a shocking death scene that rocked fans

Ryan Hurst as Beta, Benjamin Keepers as Sean, Allie McCulloch as Helen, Samantha Morton as Alpha, Matt Lintz as Henry - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Ryan Hurst as Beta, Benjamin Keepers as Sean, Allie McCulloch as Helen, Samantha Morton as Alpha, Matt Lintz as Henry - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Alpha does not allow people to challenge her authority and her punishment led to two gruesome deaths on The Walking Dead this week.

No major characters died on The Walking Dead this week but that doesn’t mean that no one died. Two of Alpha’s pack learned the hard way what happens when anyone challenges her authority, and a bunch of the Whisperers paid a price for Beta capturing Henry.

Beta’s killing of the couple who challenged her authority and fitness to be the leader because she traded two captives for Lydia when the standard operating procedure is to abandon anyone taken prisoner was the most visually brutal death that the show has done in a long time. It’s being compared to the gory and viscerally disturbing “Lucille” deaths of Glenn and Abe. Some fans thought that Alpha’s punishment was even more disturbing than the deaths of Glenn and Abe.

In the scene Alpha decapitates the woman with a yo-yo string that Lydia had found earlier in the episode. Then she hands the woman’s severed head to her boyfriend, who joined her in challenging Alpha. Then Alpha kills him too, and the death is made even worse by her menacing quiet way of speaking and measured way of moving.

Alpha doesn’t give in to the kind of emotional outbursts that villains like Negan or the Governor indulged in. She is always deliberate in her speech, her movement, and her kills. It’s terrifying.

What The Kills Reveal About Alpha

It’s easy to be so caught up in the shock and dread of those deaths that the information they revealed about Alpha is overlooked. But those deaths say loud and clear that Alpha is the kind of killer that has no empathy and no remorse. Negan and the Governor and even the Terminus cannibals killed for reasons that are easy to understand, if not to sympathize with.

Negan killed to make a point, and the Governor killed to get what he wanted. The Terminus cannibals killed for survival and out of a sense of revenge for what was done to them. But Alpha, as she herself has said, is an animal. She kills the way an animal kills: with no emotion. That’s what makes her the scariest villain on The Walking Dead and the most dangerous.

Lydia Has A Close Call

Just in case anyone was tempted to think that Alpha returned for Lydia out of a sense of maternal love near the end of the episode Alpha, encouraged by Beta, put Lydia to the test to see if her time at Hilltop had made her “weak”. Alpha told Lydia to kill Henry or else she would give the order to Beta to kill both Lydia and Henry.

Ultimately Lydia didn’t have to make that choice because that’s when Daryl and Connie showed up with a herd of walkers who overran the Whisperers camp. But the fact that Alpha was willing to have Beta kill her child in front of her proves that Alpha has no real emotion for Lydia. She probably has no real emotions of any kind and never did. In the time before the apocalypse Alpha may not have killed anyone but she was most likely always a shell devoid of real human emotion.

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The Whisperers

Many of the Whisperers were killed when Daryl and Connie swooped in. They were attacked and eaten by the dead. But there are still a huge number of Whisperers under Alpha’s totally control And now that Daryl has taken her prisoner and her daughter, again, Alpha is going to have to make an example of Hilltop if she wants to keep her leadership position of the Whisperers and not appear weak.  This fair that the Kingdom is planning is almost certainly going to end in a lot of bloodshed and a lot of death for The Walking Dead survivors and the Whisperers too.