Recap of The Walking Dead issue 189: Lines Are Drawn

Walkers - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound
Walkers - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in issue 189 of The Walking Dead comic book series? Here is the full recap of “Lines Are Drawn” which was released on Mar. 6. 2019!

The March 2019 issue of The Walking Dead comics have finally arrived and things aren’t looking great for the people of the Commonwealth or just about anyone who has gotten involved with them since their introduction.

More of the story was unraveled in issue 189 titled “Lines Are Crossed” and it looks as though there is no going back for the community. Here is everything that happened in the comic!


The issue kicks off with Eugene talking to Stephanie at the train. He says there is a bad connector which needs to be replaced. She says the Commonwealth should have something that works. Meanwhile, an ocean of the dead is closing in on them.

Eugene finally hears the walkers, turning and seeing the horde. Unable to fight them off, they want to run away but can’t. With no other option, the two lock themselves in a train car for safety. Stephanie is worried they will die in that car, but Eugene says it is safe because it is metal…and because he won’t let that happen.

At the Commonwealth, Tara has arrived to talk to Mercer. She says she has figured out who his friends really are and needed time to figure out how to get to see him. She tells Mercer to back away from the wall and an explosion opens a hole for him to escape.

Everyone in the Commonwealth heard the explosion, including Rick, Pamela, Elodie, and the group approaching from the Hilltop. It also left Mercer in a cell, laying on the ground filled with rubble. The door was blown off the cell and ringing is intense in Mercer’s ears, but Tara helps him to his feet. It is revealed that George, the soldier Mercer was talking to in the locker room, was the one who rigged the explosives.

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead issue 189 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Tara, Mercer, and George leave the holding area and Mercer asks what the next move is for the group. Tara responds quickly, saying they will rally the people of the Commonwealth and liberate them!

Running into Pamela’s office, Rick tells her and Maxwell to get out of there quickly. He explains that the explosion came from Mercer’s holding cell and she is no longer safe there. Rick adds that the lack of guards rushing to check on her also says a lot for her safety at the moment.

Sebastian opens the door to Pamela’s office, saying that there are people pounding on their door trying to get in. Rick says he blocked the front door when he came in, so they need to find an exit. Maxwell takes them to the rear exit. Once they leave, Sebastian grabs Rick and throws him against the wall, demanding to know what is going on and why Rick is in charge.

Calmly, Rick explains that the Commonwealth is in the early stages of a revolt and he’s working to keep Sebastian’s mother safe. Sebastian scoffs, saying that nobody has the guts to stand up to them and the explosion isn’t anything to worry too much about.

Rick’s calm demeanor shifts to one of impatience. He grabs Sebastian by the neck, telling him that everybody hates him and his family for how they treat people, adding that even though they did wrong, that they don’t deserve to die. Pamela places her hand on Rick’s shoulder and asks him to let go of her son. He complies.

The four of them watch from an alley as soldiers pass by. When the coast is clear, they make for a spot where they can hide. Pamela says that nowhere here is safe and that they need to get to Greenville where Cloris should be able to stash them away.

Pamela Milton, Rick Grimes, Maxwell Hawkins, and Sebastian Milton - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound
Pamela Milton, Rick Grimes, Maxwell Hawkins, and Sebastian Milton – The Walking Dead issue 189 – Image Comics and Skybound /

After sneaking out of the Commonwealth, the four are spotted by the group from the Hilltop. Jesus says it looks like things are a mess right now. Rick asks if they can take Pamela, Maxwell, and Sebastian where they are going. They agree to help Rick.

Back at the train car, the walkers are still pounding on the metal walls. Stephanie says they’re not leaving and the situation is getting worse. However, Eugene spots a fire extinguisher and has an idea for how they can get away. He sprays some walkers and then tapes the trigger shut, creating a fountain of the extinguishing fluid everywhere as it spins on the ground.

The two use this opportunity to attempt their escape. Stephanie is scared, but Eugene assures her that they can do this, citing examples from survival with Rick in the past. Quietly moving as fast as they can through the group, Eugene tells Stephanie to stay close. Stabbing some walkers in the face and pushing others out of the way, the duo makes it to an opening from the horde and escape.

Eugene - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene – The Walking Dead issue 189 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Rick, Carl, Princess, Siddiq, and Dante are returning to the Commonwealth. Rick tells them they shouldn’t have come and that things are bad. Carl says he’s willing to help, and Rick says he knows he will do his best when the time comes.

Inside the Commonwealth, they have found Lance Hornsby. They pull him out into the middle of the street and demand to know where Pamela is. He says he doesn’t know…and if he did, he’d be with her. The people of the community are bloodthirsty, shouting at Lance but Mercer tells them to disperse. Someone in the crowd hits Mercer in the head with a glass bottle, cutting him open. He shoots in the air, demanding they leave.

People are leaving the scene just as Rick arrives. He asks Mercer what he’s doing. He replies that he’s just trying to help the people, but Ricks says what he is doing doesn’t seem like help. Mercer looks Rick in the face and says he needs their help to liberate these people…because they will listen to Rick Grimes.

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That is the end of the March 2019 issue of The Walking Dead comics. With the Commonwealth struggling and Rick Grimes now in the middle of it all, fans will need to turn their attention to next month’s issue to see what happens next! For now, pick up your copy at your local comic book shop or online at Comixology!