The Walking Dead panel discussion: Should Michonne give Negan a chance?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Judith was adamant that Michonne should give Negan a chance but should Michonne risk trusting Negan to be part of Alexandria’s community?

It’s been more than seven years since the end of All Out War on The Walking Dead and the Alexandrians have been keeping Negan alive all that time. When Negan was imprisoned Rick wanted the imprisonment of Negan to serve as both a warning and a sign of mercy. Negan was supposed to be a figurehead of the justice that would be meted out in the new world order among the communities.

However Rick Grimes is gone, and the Saviors are gone too. The communities are struggling to keep their people fed so it is ethical to keep Negan alive when all he does is take up resources? Is there anyone left to care whether or not Negan has been redeemed? Now that Negan has seen for himself that the empire he built is gone and the people he “saved” are dead he wants to be part of Alexandria. Should he be given that chance?

Michonne doesn’t think so. Judith does. And with all due respect to the sassy young Grimes she wasn’t there to witness the atrocities that Negan committed. So Michonne is in a better position than Judith to judge whether or not Negan can ever be trusted. But, Judith has good instincts and she has a sense of hope about the future that is very reminiscent of Rick and Carl. She may not be Rick’s biological child but she definitely has something of the powerful belief in the healing power of family, love, and loyalty that he had. Is that enough to transform Negan into someone who can be an asset? Our panel kicks off this week discussing whether or not Michonne can trust Negan:

The Negan Problem

Judith told Michonne that Negan is a human being who isn’t like who he was in the past. Is Judith right? Should Negan finally be let out of his cell?

Sonya says:

"This is a tough one for me. I’ll never forgive or forget what he did to Glenn and Abe. Not ever. But in that world grudges are a luxury that Alexandria cannot afford. If the Whisperers weren’t on the scene I might have said leave him in the cell. But Alpha is like nothing they have dealt with before and in this extreme case I think Negan’s propensity for violence and using violence to send a message might be something that Michonne is going to need to help her keep Alexandria safe. And ultimately all she wants is to protect Judith and RJ and the other people in the community so I think she’s pragmatic enough to hold her nose and accept Negan’s help if that’s what has to happen in order to achieve the larger goal of defeating Alpha."

Sara says:

"I will never forgive Negan for what he did to Glenn & Abraham, however I think Judith is right, it’s time to let Negan out. I think Negan has served his time, and has realized that he can’t go back to his old ways. He did return back to Alexandria and to his cell in order to show respect to the higher authority that put him in there. I’ve always said that Alexandria needs Negan to give them some pointers in how to go about dealing with the Whisperers. The council should grant Negan his freedom with limitations of course."

Jeffrey says:

"I’m totally conflicted about this one. While I do think Negan has changed and has the potential to be a better person, we cannot forget what he did. Letting him out effectively does that, especially after Rick and later Maggie declared to him that he would rot in the cell for the rest of his life. If they go back on what they first decided, what’s to keep him and others from trying something? Also, while I respect Judith’s input, she wasn’t old enough to remember the torture Negan put our people through."

Sarabeth says:

"Judith seems to share a great deal of insight with her father and brother. It’s like she’s channeling them, because Carl would probably make the same argument. In her eyes, he might have done wrong in the past but he came back, so in many ways it’s proof that he has turned the corner and is different than he was before. And so he should be let out, even if it’s in small, monitored doses to start."

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