Opinion: Alpha’s leadership is flawed on The Walking Dead

Ryan Hurst as Beta, Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Ryan Hurst as Beta, Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Season 9 episode 12 of The Walking Dead showed Alpha’s leadership in the Whisperers’ base. The brief power struggle, doubts, and double standards showed how her command is flawed.

Episode 912 of The Walking Dead. was a firsthand experience of the Whisperers way of life. The enigmatic leader Alpha revealed problems within the group. The Whisperers are very dangerous but how long they exist will depend on how long Alpha stays in command with her flawed leadership.

The biggest example of Alpha’s double standards is how she broke her own rule to retrieve Lydia from the Hilltop, putting the entire group at risk in hopes of a peaceful exchange for her daughter. The concern grew with Henry being caught and held hostage in their camp.

Although Alpha gathered details about the Hilltop from Lydia as the Whisperers made their way back to their base, it was obvious she would have left anyone other than Lydia behind.  It has been that way for the Whisperers for years, which makes it hard for them to understand why Alpha broke that rule.

Alpha calmly made known that her daughter gave important information during a not so motherly conversation while making their way to their base. She was vague and didn’t elaborate on what she will do to use that information. Whether it was just for her own knowledge, a pending attack, or used simply as a cover-up for her wanting her daughter back.

When people didn’t buy Alpha’s story, the leader of the Whisperers was challenged by Sean and Helen, both of which were brutally killed for stepping up to her as the rest of the group plus Henry looked on.

After the challenge, Alpha was visibly upset by what took place while confiding to Beta. Alpha shared a disturbing story about Lydia nearly suffocating to death as a child. She showed signs of self-doubt while speaking with her right-hand man. Beta reassured his confidence in her as a leader and assured her the pack feels the same way.

When looking at these instances, it should be assumed that Alpha suffers from obsessive behavior and has a strong need for things to run smoothly under her watch and most importantly, done her way.

Another example of Alpha’s wavering is when she had a change of heart and wanted to test Lydia to see if she is still loyal to the Whisperers. The test would be to have Henry killed by Lydia or vice versa, whichever happened first. While Alpha emotionally tortured Lydia, Lydia broke down in tears during the taunting.

Helen and Sean were killed on the spot for violating her code by showing weakness and Alpha wouldn’t allow there to be any more questions. The favoritism she showed by rescuing her daughter had to be made unquestioned by the rest of the Whisperers and this was the only way she could think of to prove she made the proper decision.

This shows Alpha does make up the rules and she will be flexible depending on the situation and individual. There seems to be at least a small emotional connection since Alpha did not kill Lydia instantly for violating her code by “showing weakness”.

Perhaps the biggest flaw in Alpha’s leadership is that she was unable to keep her people safe. Aside from killing two of her own in the camp, Daryl and Connie led a walker invasion to rescue Henry which resulted in numerous deaths for the Whisperers. In addition, Henry and Lydia escaped with the duo.

The Whisperers constantly live out there among the dead, which makes them vulnerable to walker invasions. Alpha said she keeps people safe, but whether she truly believes that is debatable. She is impossible to read with her sending mixed signals with her constantly cold, glassy-eyed gaze.

It is in Alpha’s code that she does not go back for her own people. She broke that code. Her people died in large bunches yet she will likely not be bothered since it fits into her natural selection belief.

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Alpha’s overall leadership is full of uncertainty. One thing which is certain is that she will look to retrieve her daughter Lydia again. Will Alpha show why she is a great leader? Or will she show more critical flaws with her leadership? Tune in this Sunday’s new episode of The Walking Dead to find out only on AMC.